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COSPLAY EVENT: Otaku Encore Cosplay Idol - Waltermart Sta. Maria

Naruto Cosplayers PH (NCPH) will be launching its redefined cosplay competition concept through Otaku Encore: Cosplay Idol on October 13, 2012, Saturday.  The event which will also be the 2nd year anniversary celebration of NCPH and Naruto Birthday bash will be held at Waltermart, Sta. Maria, Bulacan and is co-presented by MyPhone and Subscriber's Place.  The event is also in partnership with Red Cloud Events and Productions and Waltermart Sta. Maria.  A total of 20,000 pesos in cash prizes and brand new MyPhone units will be given as prizes during this cosplay idol competition.

Categories include Best Anime, Best Game, Best Movie/Comics, Best Mecha, Best Child, and Best Naruto Series Cosplay are among the major categories.  www.costumephilippines.com is also sponsoring twi special categories Best Vocaloid and Best Japanese School Uiform - Lolita/Doll Cosplay.  

Main category prizes are P2,000 plus MyPhone except for Best Mecha whose prize is P3,000.  Special categories will be awarded P1,000 each while the Ultimate Cosplay Idol will get P5,000 plus a brand new MyPhone mobile phone.

Costume Philippines together with Toys Kolektibols will be present during the event to give everyone a chance to purchase collectible toys, anime merchandise and also costumes and accessories.  That's not all MyPhone will also be having a big sale on this day so better catch it out and enjoy huge discounts.

So what's different with Otaku Encore Cosplay Idol?
  1. There will be 6 judges, 3 from the organizers and 3 random selection from the audience during the event.
  2. The total scoring will be 150 points, 100 points will consist the COSPLAY CRITERIA (Characterization, Costume and Accuracy, Performance and Overall Appeal) and 50 points for Talent and Cosplay Idol Starpower which means the difficulty of the talent performed by the cosplayer.
  3. The Overall Appeal will be judged by 10 random selection from the audience.
  4. The total time limit is 3 minutes and cosplay performance and talent can be done separately.
Otaku Encore Cosplay Idol organizers says that this is being done in oder to level the playing field in cosplay competition and give a chance to everyone.  Naruto Cosplayers PH is also encouraging everyone to bring their Naruto greetings like birthday cakes, drawings, art works and many more so that they can be showcased during the event.

For those who are interested to join you can register online at http://bit.ly/otakuencorestamaria.  Online registration will only be until Friday, 6pm.  There will also be an onsite registration from 11am - 1:30pm.

So if you want to have fun, enjoy a cosplay event, celebrate and win exciting and cool prizes then drop by at Waltermart Sta. Maria.

For more information and details about the events including the mechanics and prizes do VISIT THE OFFICIAL OTAKU ENCORE COSPLAY IDOL EVENT PAGE.

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