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COSPLAY EVENT: Tanabata V - Kizuna (August 18, 2012)

TANABATA V - Kizuna will finally be held this Saturday, August 18, 2012 at the philippine Trade Training Center (PTTC) in Paranque near the World Trade Center and Star City.  The Tanabata Festival in Japan is based on a Chinese legend that came from the mainland, and also combines some elements of a Japanese myth that was already in place. This is about the two lovers (Orihime and Hikoboshi) who are being seperated by the Gods.

TANABATA V - Kizuna is brought to you by PNU-NAMI Japanese Culture Organization in cooperation with Anime Hunters Clan and JCS-UMI.  During the event don't forget to participate in the popular Tanabata custom which is to write one's wishes on a piece of paper, and hang that piece of paper on a specially erected bamboo tree, in the hope that the wishes become true.

During this event Naruto Cosplayers PH will also be collecting donations for their OPERATION BAYANIHAN 2: RISE UP LUZON.  This is a drive to gather donation from everyone and help some of the victims of the flooding in Luzon.  We recommend that you visit their food and donate from your heart.  There will also be a film showing of anime, photoshoot and a Tekken Tournament, I heard.

This event features contests such as (you can click on the link for registration or more info):

http://webanketa.com/forms/68vk0c1r5wwpce9g68rpad8/.  Note on the Individual Cosplay that THERE IS NO AGE LIMIT AS SAID IN THE REGISTRATION FORM.

Judges for the individual cosplay are officially announced and they include Mark David Cerezo, David D'Angelo (that's me) and Trigger Man.  Initial categories for the individual cosplay includes Best Male, Best Female and Best Chibi.

DRAWING CONTEST.  The Guidelines for the drawing contest are already posted. (Click the link below.)

SINGING CONTEST.  The Guidelines for the singing contest are already posted. (Click the link below.)

All contests registration for Tanabata V - Kizuna will be on site except for the INDIVIDUAL COSPLAY which will be limited slots only and on a first come, first serve basis.

One of the best JPop/JRock cover group will also be performing live at the event, and we are referring to IKUZO IWA.

Besides the regular ingredients of a convention, Tanabata V comes with unusual add-ons which will make it a wonderful experience.  This is a real Matsuri event and take note that this is a Cultural - Cosplay Convention.  There will be band performances, acting, dancing, singing and many more.

Ticket price will be at P120.

For those who want to know where the Philippine Trade Training Center near World Trade Center is just click here for the map >http://maps.google.com.ph/maps?hl=en&tab=wl&q=Philippine+Trade+Training+Center

Do also like their page at www.facebook.com/TanabataV

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