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Cosplay Live Action: Final Fantasy VII Cloud Strife vs Tifa Lockhart

Janice Hung is finally in the hype of cosplay and she is starting it with a bang through this Cosplay Live Action video which features her as Tifa Lockhart.  The video puts Tifa against Cloud Strife.  See the astonishing moves of a Final Fantasy VII live action battle.

The FFVII live action also stars Jerome Calica as Cloud Strife.  The costume were provided for by Devangelic shop.  Location of the FFVII live action is at Tivoli Royale Country Club.  Direction was made by Louise Viola.

Now tell us what do you think of this Final Fantasy Cosplay Live Action by Janice Hung?  Like it?

Meanwhile to know more about Janice Hung you can visit www.janicehung.com/

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