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COSPLAY EVENT: 6th TAGCOM Toys & Hobbies Convention

For the 6th year Hobbiworx Inc. in cooperation with Robinsons Midtown Mall brings you the 6th TAGCOM Toys & Hobbies Convention at the Robinsons Manila Midtown Atrium.  The event will feature a great collection of toys and various hobbies including anime, cosplay and comics.

Admission is 100% free.  If you are asking WHEN WILL BE THE INDIVIDUAL AND GROUP COSPLAY AT 6TH TAGCOM?  Then your answer is... it will be on APRIL 1, 2012.

Exhibitors in the 6th TAGCOM Toys & Hobbies Convention includes Big Boy Toys, Toyskoto, Devangelic, Lanz Collectible, Wakuwaku, Mc Kolektibolz, Wasabi Toys, Hatah Hatah, The Booboo Shop,  Totally Anime, Otakus Den, Siglo, Babymoon Lifestyle, Kramer Toy Warden, Incredible Toys, Cad Toys, Red Toys, Robin Hobby Shop, Akibahara Toys Shop, Mactoys, R Angel Creation, CS Centrl, Cool Republic, Decker, Phil Dogtag, Sugar Free n Blue, Coca Cola Cars, Queen Alice Accessories, Pete Toys, Micah Valero, Hobbiworx, and lots more...

So don't forget and mark these details...

6th TAGCOM Toys & Hobbies Convention
March 30, 31 & April 1, 2012
Robinsons Place Manila Midtown Atrium
Ermita, Manila
10:00 am - 9:00 pm
Admission is FREE
For those who do not know how to get to the venue of the 6th TAGCOM Toys & Hobbies Convention please check the map below.

For more information you can visit this page HOBBIWORX or their Facebook Event Page.

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