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COSPLAYER PROFILES: Khristian Fernando

Our feature for today's Cosplayer Profiles is Khristian Fernando.  Khristian is a Korean English instructor, photographer, follower of Jesus Christ and of course, and of course a cosplayer. Bleach and Naruto are two of the anime series that he is most addicted to.

Khristian's love for anime is what basically led him to cosplaying.  " I cosplay because it's really fun that I am able to express myself through the characters that I am cosplaying and that, I don't need to explain myself," he said.

Even though he is oftentimes busy with his work, he would always find time to cosplay because he feels happy whenever he sees other people getting inspired and smiling because of him.  He started cosplaying in 2008.  It was the feeling of belongingness that converted Khristian from a mere convention goer to a full time cosplayer.

So what inspired Khristian to cosplay?

Basically, I love arts and I've gotten busy and had no idea how to express myself being creative so it ended to a lot of things, one of it is cosplay. And also, when I get to see lots of cosplayers giving smiles to everyone, that is really awesome for me. I don't want to just sit back, relax and enjoy the anime that I am watching but also to give happiness and reach out people too. That makes me feel victorious and fruitful.

Indeed, cosplaying is not just something that is said to be a waste of time there are lots of self learning and skills that are being developed when you become a cosplayer.  Cosplaying is like life and for Khristian it has become an expression of himself.

Costumes do cost money and he said that at first he really doesn't want to spend much resources on his characters and that's why he chose the simple ones like Heero Yuy of Gundam Wing, Akira Sendo of Slamdunk, Mido Ban/Ginji Amano of Getbackers, L of Death Note, Uryu Ishida/Ichigo Kurosaki(Halloween Edition) of Bleach, and Sai of Naruto Shippuden.

For Khristian every experience in cosplaying has its own unique memory that is why it is hard to choose which has more impact and which is memorable.  However, Khristian said that joining the Otaku House and be featured as one of the entries is significant for him because he never thought to be part of that.

Now here is Khristian Fernando's message to all cosplayers out there...

Guys, do something that you really love and don't be afraid. Always put God first before anything else and you will definitely succeed because He can open the doors for you. In Christ Jesus, we have a reason to be proud of our work for God.

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Thanks for reading!

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