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COSPLAYER PROFILES: James Gabriel as Komui Lee of D.Gray-Man

"I cosplay for fun, for self enjoyment, to express and to give happiness to others."  That's what James Gabriel, a member of Bulacan Teen Cosplayers says of his reason why he cosplayed.  He began cosplaying in October 2010.

James Gabriel's inspiration in cosplay includes his friends, family and fellow Otaku/  Otaku for those who do not know much of the term literally means an enthusiast and a house in its deeper meaning.

Among the characters that James Gabriel had already cosplayed are Komui Lee of D.Gray-Man which is an accidental cosplay and a player of Special Force..

His best experience so far in cosplaying is when he did his first catwalk.  For every cosplayer going intro the stage and exhibiting your cosplay is one of the major experience a cosplayer can experience.

His message to other cosplayers?

Do your best to give happiness to others and also to yourself.

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