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COSPLAYER PROFILES: Ira Orduna as Azure Rhatalos

Who would not be captivated by the beauty and appeal of Ira Orduña from Malolos, Bulacan.  This cosplayer had proved that indeed beauty, talent and appeal can make you win in a cosplay competition.  Ira had won awards after awards with her Azure Rhatalos costume.

She had been judged twice as the Best Female Cosplayer in SM Pampanga and also the Best of the Best Cosplayer for the SM City Baliwag Cosplay Competition on December 11, 2011.  She also bagged the top prize for the cosplay competition organized by Suzuki Philippines.

Why does Ira Orduna cosplay, according to her it was simply an interest.  She is fond of joining beauty contests ever since she was a child.  She saw cosplaying as another expression for her.  It was also Naruto Cosplayers PH's cosplay for a cause which attract her more into cosplaying.

Ira Orduna's first cosplay was Traxex from DOTA or Defense of the Ancients.  It was in the SM City Baliwag Cosplay Transform at SM City Baliwag on July 2, 2011 which launched her into the cosplay world.  The ability to express and transform into a new personality was what inspired her to cosplay at first but in the long run she was more inspired with helping others through cosplaying for a cause.  Ut can't be denied too that cosplay competition and her capacity to be able to win it added to that factor of excitement.

Ira Orduna\s Azure Rathalos cosplay during LaCon Cosplay Competition at Malolos, Bulacan

Ira Orduna\s Azure Rathalos cosplay during Grand Cosplay Showdown at SM Pampanga
So far she had cosplayed a bunch of characters already among them are Saeko Busujima from High School of the Dead, Traxex from DOTA, Aphrodite from God of War, Luzviminda from Bayan Knights (a Pinoy superhero character), and Azure Rhatalos from Monster Hunter.

Ira Orduna as Luzviminda

Ira Orduna as Saeko from High School of the Dead

Ira Orduna as Aphrodite from God of War series

Her favorite costume is of course the Azure Rathalos.  "I often times experience body pains after the competition since the armor is a little heavy for me," says Ira.  She practices her performance a day or two before the event so that her presentation would captivate both the audience and the judges.

Ira Orduna with the custom Suzuki Cosplay

"My best experience in cosplaying is winning as Best of the Best at SM City Baliwag and of course being able to extend my help to those in need through Naruto Cosplayers PH (NCPH)," Ira said.

Aside from cosplaying, Ira dreams to take a course which relates to food.  Well, as we all know Kapampangans are good cook.  She also dreams to be part of Pinoy Big Brother or be a successful actress someday.  With a face and appeal like her I am sure that she will soon find her dream realized.  The only key to this are good decisions and being with the right people and treasuring them.

Her message to fellow cosplayers is quite simple... 

Cosplaying is not just about winning a competition nor it is about beauty but it is more about how you can bring life to the character and how you can be meaningful to the world as a cosplayer and as an individual.

Ira always make sure that she never forgets studies when she cosplays. 

So there you go folks another Cosplayer Profile featuring Ira Orduna from Malolos, Bulacan.  If you want to be featured here then SUBMIT YOUR COSPLAYER PROFILE NOW.

Thanks for reading!

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