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COSPLAY TIPS: Beware of Costume Renters and Borrowers

Christian Umali, a good friend of mine and fellow member of Naruto Cosplayers PH had informed me of an incident where another good cosplayer Don Robert Torio had an incident where he gave his costume for rent to a group of people, trusted them and the results was not very good.  I read the account of the story and indeed it was not a very good experience.

They trusted the person whom they made the deal with, made things very clear on how to handle the costumes however, in the end the results was not pleasing.  Their costume was destroyed and it is beyond repair.

Sometimes its really wrong to be nice and trusting. Times nowadays have changed where you can meet sincere, nice people who have respect for their environment and other people’s property. 
Unfortunately, we fell victim to one client.

For the full article of this incident you can read the full article at this link from SULIT.COM entitled "BEWARE: Renters/Borrowers who Destroys - PIC HEAVY"

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