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COSPLAYER PROFILES: Julian Eymard Solon as Yami Yugi

"I cosplay because I want to express my creativity and to be one of the characters that I like and love in anime or takusatsus," says Julian Eymard Solon.  Julian started cosplaying in February 2010 and debuted as Yami Yugi from the anime series YU-GI-OH.

He says that through cosplaying he wants to be a different person even for just a day.  It makes him be in his favorite character's shoes.  "Being like one of your characters you love, is like a dream to me that is turning into reality even just for a day," says Julian.

Julian is a cosplayer who enjoys not only cosplaying but also making his own costume and props.  When he first started cosplaying he uses cardboard box as materials for his costume.  Later on his friend taught me how to handle and make props out of rubber sheet.  Since then, he had been cosplaying with rubber sheet props.

"I want to stay in cosplay for as long as I want to cosplay for me this is my pride and joy and my passion as well," continued Julian.

What inspired Julian to cosplay?

What inspired me to cosplay is the fact that I have a dream of being like one of the characters in TV, its also my dream to have some of their props and wardrobe attires, its my weird obsession to have things that characters use in animes ETC. that is why i manage to use what i learned in my multimedia arts course, and alpply what i learned and craft props to my liking.

Julian is a fan of Yu-Gi-Oh so most of his characters came from that anime.  His signature cosplay is Yami Yugi, the main character in tat series.  He had also cosplayed Dark Johan Anderson from the same anime.  Julian liked Yugi so much because according to him, he loves the character's pride and heroism and his calm and submisive mind.  

"I got hooked to the character that is why its very dificult for me to say goodbye to the character in fact almost everyone in the cosplay community know me as Yami Yugi cosplayer and some call me Yugi," he said.

HIS best experience in cosplaying he said is everytime he goes up the stage and show the people what he can do.  Seeing many people smile and saying good things about him, about his costume and how good he is, for Julian is the best experience a cosplayer could ever had.

"Although I havent won any awards in cosplay I am very sure my time will come that I will win a award plus gaining new and more freinds is the best experince that i will exchange to any award," Julian added.

For other cosplayers, here is what Julian aka Yugi have to say:

If you love what you do a you have passion in this field, GO FOR IT for me we are all artist, our creativity that we do in order to make this characters come to life is not for the faint of heart, we put effort in making this characters come to life, keep doing cosplay for as long as you have passion for it and the heart to continue, everybody can do cosplay and it is a very rewarding experience

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