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COSPLAYER PROFILES: Jevelyn Domingo as Ryoma Echizen

Jevelyn Domingo's Ryoma Echizen was one crossplay that stood out among the crowd of cosplayers and fans. Most of the con-goers of the recent MCTV AWESOME OTAKUFEST 2011 wanted to take a photo of her. Surely, this is one proof that her version of Ryoma was a striking one.
Being an otaku made her love the famous hobby:
“I’m very into Anime/Manga/Games and I've been a fan since a very young age. My love for cosplay started after watching different conventions across the internet. It made me wanna go out there, get into a costume, and be the character,” she said.

Most of the cosplayers that go to conventions make an effort to buy everything to look exactly like the character but Jevelyn went to the con in a simple cosplay but still made me and my friends say "wow" on every move and pose as Ryoma.

“Cosplaying was a dream of mine, which started about 6 or 7 years ago. I've always wanted to dress up as my favorite character. I especially wanted to go as Cagall Yula Athha, my favorite tomboy princess from Gundam SEED. Sadly, my hometown isn’t really open to anime at that time. They didn’t hold conventions here like in Manila or other countries. I did envy other fans that can cosplay to their heart’s content. But I was granted the chance to cosplay when MCTV held its first AniCon in Zamboanga, and I was chosen as a judge there,” Jevelyn shared.

What inspired her to cosplay?
“What propelled me to do Cosplay is my big love for Anime/Manga/Games. I admire many characters and I get this sense of wanting to be in their shoes. Sometimes I even wish I was that character.”

For a first time cosplayer, Jevelyn did not fail the fans of Prince of Tennis for she was in character in almost all of the photos I saw of her.
According to her, she had a great experience cosplaying Ryoma-kun on the Otakufest:
“A lot of people, fellow fans and cosplayers alike, came up to me and took a picture with me. I can’t remember how many times I’ve been asked to stop, pose, and then smile for their camera. It’s really nice to mingle with people who love the things you love too. I felt right at home. Still I’ve gotta say that I like the part where people got surprised when the emcee announced that I was one of the judges for the Cosplay Contest. Can’t blame them since all three judges were hidden within the crowd. The experience as a cosplayer and judge was very rewarding and fun!
Aside from being an anime fan, Jevelyn is also into digital art designing and most of her works are related to anime. You can follow her and see her future cosplays on her dA account.
Photos of Jevelyn as Ryoma Echizen courtesy of Thea Clarice.

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