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Mr. Bean wins TAGCOM! Come again?

I have nothing against the cosplayer but this just came as a shock for me. I am an avid fan or Mr. Bean and have watched every movie and every episode of the series but I am not really satisfied nor did I agree with the decision of giving the Best Male TAGCOM cosplayer award to Mr. Bean. First and foremost, HE DOES NOT LOOK LIKE BEAN! Second, Bean does not do magic and third, there are those who are a lot better than the character.

For me what happened in TAGCOM is an insult to all the male cosplayers who prepared hard for the event... cosplayers who carried weapons and armors and then performed well on stage. Yes, I do agree that Mr. Bean is a well-known character and he can have an appeal and instill laughter among the audience but is that enough to win?

How is appeal decided anyway? Is it just on stage or can it be judged by the number of people who recognized you as that character?

The result of the Male division of TAGCOM was in fact a tie between Captain Barbell and Mr. Bean, however the judges eventually gave it to Bean. Perhaps for his ability to give joy and excitement to the audience. Come on... that is all crap for me.

If everyone was given a time do at least do their skit and give a custom BGM then it could have been better. The creativity and ability of the cosplayers could have been tested. How can you score or give a "performance" criteria when there is no custom BGM allowed?

So do you agree that Mr. Bean deserves it? Well, personally for me I do think there are better cosplayers during TAGCOM who deserved the award. I will not be expecting that for my cosplay character myself if you are thinking about that because there are those who are way better than me and way way better than Mr. Bean.

Looking at Mr. Bean it seems that "Teddy" deserves the award even more.  His mole is not even placed in the correct position,

Pardon and apologies to the cosplayer of Mr. Bean for this is nothing personal but only an opinion. I have nothing personal against you. This post only serves as my personal view and in the end the judges decision are final. As someone who attends convention and as someone who writes and a people person... a discussion like this serves to improve all of us and not demean anyone.

Perhaps, I might have not seen everything which the judges have seen and for that he deserves it. Thanks for reading!

To finally end here is a video of Mr. Bean dancing to one of his favorite songs... enjoy...

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