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Otaku Zine (Ozine) 2011 Cosplay Winners for Day 3

Kille Bee with Akatsuki and Rikudo Sennin (Sage of the 6 paths) at the center
Another Ozine Fest 2011 had concluded and it was one big event with lots of people attending. When I attended Day 3, it was simply like you are in the Nazarene procession in Quiapo where there are tons of people lining up. You will be bumped once or even more ... I did encounter many bumps since I do carry a sword, seven in fact.

I perform a rap/fliptop during the catwalk at Ozine Fest Day 3
Shiela as Kratos Female version
Anyway, here are the winners for the Cosplay Competition during Otaku Zine 2011 Day 3:
  • Best Female - 161 Shiela Navarro
  • Best Male - 133 Gibbs Sagum (Mask Rider X)
  • 3rd Placer - 42 Jonah Baladad (Gundam Wing 0)
  • 2nd Placer - 32 Arvee Cheng (Brawl, Zoids)
  • 1st Placer - 115 Belldaldy (Kamen Rider

Thanks to Arjay Gajo for the information.

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