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COSPLAYER PROFILES: Edwin Theo Santos Rodriguez as Asuma Sarutobi of Naruto

Most cosplayers want to cosplay characters from Naruto. One of the characters that is commonly cosplayed is Asuma Sarotobi but there seems to be one big difference when we see the Asuma that is cosplayed by Edwin Theo Santos Rodriguez.

The expression, costume and characterization is close to perfect. Well, what can we expect that is what cosplaying should be. It is not just wearing any random costume that may fit or not fit you and joining conventions but more importantly it is about "being the character" themselves.

"The reason I cosplay is because of the creative output it allows me in order to express myself through the characters I cosplay," says Theo. When I heard that makes me wonder why there are many cosplayers are from the InfoTech department but looking at Theo gives me a hint why... creativity and passion.

Theo says that through cosplaying it gives him the chance to mimic the characters that he idolizes and more than that. "It's all about being that character and bringing him/her to life."

For more than a year now, Theo had been cosplaying not only Asuma but other characters including Uzumaki Naruto, the main character in the manga-anime Naruto. He had also made various personalization in the characters of Naruto which adds a flavor of his own personality to the characters.

I think parents should see what cosplaying had contributed to Theo, so that they will think twice before telling their children that cosplaying is a waste of time. Theo said, "Personally, cosplay has boosted my social interaction and has also given be quite a boost in self-confidence, allowing me to do things I would probably not have done while being in the shell of my former self a few years back."

Now here is something that we must all be inkling to know. I know that I have already told before that there is something different when Theo cosplays Asuma but this time let us hear it directly from him.

One of the characters I've chosen to cosplay is Asuma Sarutobi from Naruto Shippuden. Now, to be honest I wasn't even much of a Naruto fan. In fact, back then I even shared the same sentiments of some cosplayers in saying that Naruto is an overused series for cosplay. I mean, why let that factor alone stop me from cosplaying a character I really liked? It doesn't matter how overly redundant a character is cosplayed, what matters is how much you enjoy embodying and giving justice to that character. What drove me to cosplaying Asuma was because of the fact that we have somewhat of a similarity. Like him, I can be a bit laid back but and even had a rebellious past similar to what he did when he left Konoha to serve the feudal lord under the pressure of living up to his father's expectations who was Hokage at the time. However, when it comes right down to the things that matter, similar to Asuma, I strive to come through. More over, one trait that I wanted to get from Asuma was how much he cared for his three pupils, somewhat of a trait I want to develop when caring for others.

Theo says that because of Asuma he was later invited to be part of Naruto Cosplayers PH. Well, I would not be bias now about this group, thus let us hear what he says about the group. "I can say that I've been having a blast just being with so many talented individuals that work for so many great causes, which is quite a rare feat that you don't usually see in most cosplay groups."

So there you go dear readers, another cosplayer unveiled, Edwin Theo Santos Rodriguez as Asuma Sarutobi of Naruto.

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