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COSPLAYER PROFILES: Nathaniel Ferrer as Master Pogi (Mr. Satan)

The character of Mr. Satan or Master Pogi as he is known in the Philippines is one of the most loved characters in Dragonball Z. Although he is stupid, clumsy and arrogant he has a heart to help others. Master Pogi had been cosplayed many times in the Philippines but I would never forget when Nathaniel Ferrer cosplayed Master Pogi.

Nathaniel is from Antipolo, Rizal. He says that he is cosplaying because through this he achieved his dream of finally becoming an anime character. As Master Pogi he achieved his dream to become a comedian and a dubber at the same time.

Ferrer and his group Hubo Tabo Productions does the dubbing and audio used for all the cosplay presentation of Master Pogi. He does the voice himself and it was an exact copycat.  He is also a member of the cosplay organization, Naruto Cosplayers PH.

What is cosplaying for Master Pogi? Ferrer says that cosplaying is a hobby and pastime. He also consider cosplaying as an art because one can show his passion and thoughts through the character someone cosplays.

"As Master Pogi I was able to really do things I can't otherwise do in real life," says Ferrer His character blended his personality perfectly and he says that other people also became happy because of him.

"I am happy when I do cosplay. We might have different opinions and view on cosplaying but for me this is my view," Ferrer concluded.

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