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Naruto casts performs at PUP Otaku Experience

The PUP Otaku Experience hosted by PUP Otaku Urule had been received warmly by students from the campus. It was one of the rare occasions when you can't even move as a cosplayer because people will steadily ask to take a picture with your character.

More than 200 cosplayers join the event which showcased a cosplay catwalk, KPOP dance contest and JRock band performances. Otaku Urule is changing the way on how events are organized and giving a new meaning to an Otaku organization.

Meanwhile, the cast of Naruto had performed a skit during the cosplay catwalk. The cast includes Kisame, Killer Bee (Hachibi), Saskue, Yamato, Konan and Tobi. Here is a video brought to you by Brightorb.com.ph.

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