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Brightorb interviews Naruto Cosplayers PH core Myk Silva and Dave D'Angelo

Doing Cosplay for a Cause may have done in the past by other cosplay groups but to make it as a regular part of a cosplay organization is perhaps what makes Naruto Cosplayers Philippines (NCPH) a different. Brightorb.com.ph, an emegerging web news media interviews, Michael Jan Silva and David D'Angelo of NCPH to talk about their insights and why they decided to take on this path,

Here is Michael Jan Silva's interview during NCPH's "People Power, Cosplay Power Photoshoot for Children's Cancer."

Meanwhile, David D'Angelo cosplaying as Hachibi was interviewed during NCPH's participation and support to their allied organization, PUP Otaku Urule during the PUP Otaku Experience, March 4.

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