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Manga Alert: Naruto #516 Gaara's Speech

The latest Naruto Manga number 516 shows the unity that all four villages must forge in order to defeat Tobi, Kabuto and the Akatsuki. The zombies also have retained their personalities and are asking what they are doing. This manga however gives the biggest surprise, Gaara will be the commander of the Ninja Alliance. Can he do it? Read Gaara's speech below and the Manga as well.

Killer Bee is also hard on training Naruto and preparing him for the battle.

In the first through third wars
Each country and village fought for their own gain,
As Ninjas hated and hurt each other
I too used to be a host,
An embodiment of hatred and power
That hatred bred a lust for power which gave birth to me.
I hated everyone and wanted to destroy the world
Just as Akatsuki is attempting to do now.
But one Konoha Ninja stopped all that.

He saved me.
We were enemies, but he was a host too.
There are no grudges when you understand one another's pain!
There are no enemies here!
We have all suffered because of Akatsuki.
There is no Suna or Iwa,
No Konoha or Kiri or Kumo!!!
We are all just Ninjas!

And if you still cannot forgive Suna,
Then once the war is over,
You can take my head.
The enemy is now after that very friend who saved me!!!
If the enemy gets their hands on him,
The world will be over!!

I want to protect my friend and protect the world!!
But I am too young to protect the world alone!
I am too green!
If you're with me then follow me!!!

- Gaara -

Read Naruto Manga 516 HERE.

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