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Who Deserves to Win Cosplay Mania X and Animax's Lights, Camera, Cosplay

The News Around Us which I am acting as the Editor in Chief was accredited as one of the media for Cosplay Mania X. One of the events which I waited for was the Lights, Camera, Cosplay competition. Honestly I like all of the entries there but for me only one stood out in both story, video editing and quality. I would not dare say it but I think that most of those who have watched the presentation and the videos know that already.

When judging a video contest the main consideration would be script, video editing and then the authenticity of the actors that played them. I had been a movie critic and for quite sometime I have good eyes for real quality videos.

When the video was playing only one of the presented videos received the loudest and most convincing applause from the audience yet that video did not win the prize. I was also shocked to see that before the winner was announced there was already somebody on stage getting the prize for the winner.

Did you notice how silent the spectators were when the winner was announced? Were they thinking the same way that I am thinking?

I know that the winner worked hard for their video but I would also ask, are they convinced within themselves that they deserve to win? 1,000USD is something that is worth coveting for after all it is about 42,000pesos. I am just saddened that someone who really deserves to win was denied of the recognition that they deserve.

Perhaps the one that ruined this is the online voting. If it is solely based on online voting then we cannot be assured that the best video will win because the one that will emerge here is the most popular and influential video.

This is really sad :( XD.

Wanna know who won for me? CHECK THIS LINK...

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