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My Winner for Lights, Camera, Cosplay on Cosplay Mania X

I know that some Cosplayers will be mad at me for saying this but I cannot help it because someone really deserves to win for the "Lights, Camera, Cosplay" during Cosplay Mania X.  Their video is the best for me in editing, effects, and also compared to the one that won they have more views and even more votes in the Animax voting. (Check out my opinion about the decision regarding Lights, Camera, Cosplay)

Check out the rules and guidelines HERE and you will know that this video is really the one that deserves to win.

I admire all the videos of those who have joined the Lights, Camera, Cosplay competition but the records should be set straight. Check out all the videos HERE and tell me if another video is better and then I will shut up about this issue.

The winner for me is Project 8 and video number 2.

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