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Cosplaying Kakuzu from Naruto Shippuden Akatsuki

I have never cosplayed before and the first time ever was when we organized the Cyber Gig Event at SM City Baliwag together with Bulacan Cosplay Mania. For the fun of it and to experience Cosplay I decided to wear a costume too.

Look, I am not that young because I already 32 years old. I would not hide my age nor would I be shy to say that until now I still love anime. Anime has a huge difference from cartoons and besides stories like this tend to bring lessons and inspirations. If not for anime our organization, Brotherhood of Destiny (BROOD) will not came into being.

My first Cosplay experience playing a character from Lineage II (Thanks Gerald for the Costume)
Now on to playing Kakuzu. I decided to cosplay Kakuzu because it suits my build and well it hides me as well. Kakuzu's costume only shows his eyes. In order to play Kakuzu I did spend money for it.
  • Akatsuki Cloak - P700
  • Forehead Protector - P50
  • Head gear - P80
  • Contact Lens - P800
  • TOTAL COST = P1,630
I first used the costume during the Best of Anime convention at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia.  Everything went well except for the contact lens which nearly got lost.  I had trouble using it and all the time when I am wearing it my right eye was uncomfortable.  The fact is one of the pair already got damaged.

The next Kakuzu cosplay would be this Sunday, October 3, 2010 at the same venue for Cosplay Mania X.  We are trying to complete Akatsuki and our main aim is to try to resemble the character as best as we can... that is why I have to get a new pair of contact lens... well additional P950 I guess according to Gerald Avendano from My Little Prince Shop.

Cosplaying involves spending money but you can also be creative and make your own materials, sew your own costumes and clothing and you can save a lot.  Hope that other cosplayers will share their story and how we can save on cosplay.

Thanks for reading!

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