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Cosplay Tips: Taking Care of Your Contact Lens

For many Cosplayers contact lens is a vital part of their character.  Take for example Itachi or Kakashi's Sharingan, or in my case Kakuzu who have green eyes.  Contact lens are very fragile and can break with wrong handling (like what happened to my contact lens).

Here are some tips for Cosplayers who are using or will be using contact lens.

  • Always purchase your contact lens on reputable sources.
  • Check on the expiry and ask the seller if there is a return policy in case they provide the wrong information.
  • Ask if they contact lens can be used overnight or should be removed before sleeping.
  • Before buying the contact lens be sure that you have the solution for the lenses.  Solutions serves as a vital ingredient because it keeps the lens free of dirt and always fresh.
  • In buying a solution make sure that they are suitable.  Always read the label.  Price is not an indication of their effectivity.
  • Before putting on a lens be sure to consult an optometrist or eye doctor and ensure that your eyes are not sensitive or allergic to contact lens.
  • When putting the lens, be careful and always make sure that your hands are clean.  Dirty hands will irritate the eyes and might break the lens.
  • Be careful in handling the contact lens.  Use your index finger and thumb to pick up the lens.
  • Your index finger will be the one holding the lens.  Make sure that the lens are shaped like your eyes.
  • Hold your top and bottom eyelid with your middle finger (left and right).
  • Place the contact lens slowly.  You do not need to place it in the center because once it gets in it will automatically adjust.
  • Do not make unnecessary irritations to your eyes which will affect the lense.
  • Always carry your solution and contact lens case.
  • Usual use of contact lens are up to 8 hours to avoid the eyes from getting tired.
  • When removing the lens use your middle finger to hold your eyelids and then your index finger to gently tap it and then remove it with your thumb and index finger.
  • Once removed put them in your contact lens case which contains the contact lens solution.
  • Replace your solution daily or every two days.
To further illustrate here is a video tutorial on using contact lens.

How to Wear Contact Lenses : How to Put In Contact Lenses

How to Wear Contact Lenses : How to Remove Contact Lenses

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