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Feb 10, 2013

Philippine Cosplay Ranking: Share your views

Cosplay.ph had recently released a new innovation in cosplay.  It is a ladderized  ranking system for cosplayers who compete in accredited competitions.  When we say accredited, the competition must be officially accredited as a Cosplay Ranking System or CRS accredited competition.  Thus non-accredited competitions will not result in your rank being boosted.

CRS or Cosplat Ranking System is the name for the system devised by Cosplay.ph.  Cosplay.ph is deemed as the olderst organization when it comes to creating cosplay events and competitions.  Cosplayers who have a CRS ID will be classified into Beginner, Intermediate and Veteran category.  Competition will also be categorized according to these classifications and appropriate penalties will be given to those who are participating in lower rank competitions.

CRS points will be given to those who participated events, and for those who will win minor award, major award and the overall winner.  According to Cosplay.ph, the aim of this ranking system is to This is to encourage beginners to join competitions while, at the same time, matching Veterans with competitors of their Rank.

Cosplay Ranking System Points are as follows:
  • BEGINNER - 0 to 150 points
  • INTERMEDIATE - 161 to 750 points
  • VETERAN - 751 points or above
Cosplay Ranking System recognized event judges will also be included in the ranking.  They will be given CRS-Master rank.  Judges will be those who are already a veteran in the CRS system or those who have been known for their contribution in the cosplay community in general.


To know more about the Cosplay.ph Cosplay Ranking System please visit this link http://www.cosplay.ph/2013/02/cosplay-ranking-system-crs/

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