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Cosplay is not Consent: 5 Tips to Respect Cosplayers

Cosplay is not consent

Cosplay is a popular hobby that is celebrated across the world that allows fans to dress up like their favorite fictional characters. Cosplayers like me bring a good vibe to fans of a specific fandom that will make their day. The good part is that if you ask us nicely, we will give you a nice free photograph!

Cosplay is not consent, the golden rule of the cosplay communities that is stuck in our mind to warn us to respect cosplayers. A common phrase that is widespread in cosplay conventions! Cosplay is a beneficial hobby to everyone so we should make it family-friendly and follow the golden rule.

However, as a cosplayer by myself tapping my keyboard here, I just want to remember to treat us with kindness! Just because we embody your favorite fictional character, doesn’t mean that you can treat us like how you treat the specific character.  We are also human, so please respect us!

Cosplay is not consent! Remember these 3 things:

Give Us Some Personal Space

This is the most violated etiquette in some cosplay conventions. Most people ask for a photograph even if we are doing something personal such as eating, resting and having a transaction with vendors at conventions. 

This is the most annoying thing I encountered at conventions. Imagine, you are a cosplayer having a nice negotiation with a booth seller and some random con-goer asking for a picture even if they saw that you are talking to another person. This is rude, give us some space, ok?

Also, my fellow cosplayers experience this rude situation. Some con-goers are asking for a picture while he/she is eating and resting for a while. Please I’m begging you readers, remember this crucial part of this blog before going to cosplay conventions!

Never Touch our Wig nor Costume or Props!

Actually, I don’t experience this but I’m seeing that most cosplayers are experiencing this kind of rudeness but I would explain how I feel if I’m the one who experiences this.

Just reading the headline, I just feel disgusted if this actually happened to me. Actually, this is the most health-risk violation that you can do with a cosplayer during this pandemic.

Patting the top of my Scaramouche cosplay wig without unexpectedly? That’s a big NO for me! If someone intends to do it, something bad will happen! Our wig or costume is too fragile, please don’t touch it nor interact with it without our permission to avoid any issues. Our cosplay materials are not a toy, never touch it or play with it without asking for permission. 

Doing this kind of atrocity inside of the convention is just like touching someone’s food with your dirty hands without their permission. That's gross, isn’t it?

Use Appropriate Language and Maintain a Good Behavior

Please maintain respectful and ethical interactions with us. Never use profanity nor insulting words when communicating to us. We also have emotions too, like you.

Treat us with empathy, respect, kindness, and appreciation for our passion for this wonderful hobby. Whether the cosplayer is fat, medium-sized or small-sized, don’t make it a reason to throw body-shaming insults at us. 

Everyone should enjoy cosplay events. Maintaining a family-friendly environment for the cosplay community is your best contribution to all cosplayers worldwide. 

Boundary is the King

I don’t mean that you will put a margin in our face. Joke aside, the boundary is that you are respecting the limitation of what you can do to us that may be inappropriate. Never do some creepy stuff in our body inside or outside the convention. We are human, not objects!

Never touch our body without our permission, especially the parts that are below the belt. Boundaries are not limited to physical interaction; you should also be mindful of your verbal actions.

Never throw out below the belt jokes or sexually inappropriate jokes to us whether online or inside of the convention. We don’t appreciate those jokes, that’s hurting our passion for our cosplay hobby.

Because of major influences of the media industry, cosplayers are being portrayed as an object, but they are wrong! You must respect our boundaries, no matter what. Whether this cosplayer is your lover or not, you should exercise respect.

Follow the Rules

Whether you are cosplaying online or inside the convention, you must follow the rules of the cosplay community. Inside of the convention, make sure that you follow the guidelines. This is commonly found when you are buying tickets online by navigating in the convention venue’s terms of service page.

Otherwise, you will find it inside the convention. When it comes to online rules, make sure to follow the community guidelines of the social media that you are participating in. If you are part of the group, kindly follow the rules that a moderator serves to you especially if the community is an online marketplace group to avoid scamming incidents.


In summary, despite the fact that cosplay entertains fans and creates a sense of belonging among them, it is important to remind oneself about this common phrase “Cosplay is not consent.” Observing some basic ethics like respectful interaction with a deriver or enthusiast through maintenance personal space; avoiding touching their costume wigs or props without permission and using proper language should make up elements

Let us keep the action of cosplay close to our hearts, and let us treat others with sympathy, loving-kindness; being grateful for one another. Cosplay events are supposed to be joyful celebrations where every attendee should respect and consider everyone’s boundaries.


Aira Fujiyuki

Aira Fujiyuki

Aira Fujiyuki is a casual cosplayer, SEO specialist and writer in the Philippines. They are very enthusiastic about the world of cosplay.


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