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Pinoy Otaku Festival (POF) 2024 Yume Happening this May 2024

Pinoy Otaku Festival (POF) 2024: Yume is happening on May 3-5, 2024 at the Trade Hall of Robinsons Novaliches in Novaliches, Quezon City.  This is the 8th time that POF is being held, and the 5th time in the Novaliches area.  It is actually one of the first events in Metro Manila that was held outside of the usual convention places like Megatrade Hall or SMX.

Pinoy Otaku Festival (POF) 2024 Yume Happening this May 2024

Ticket prices are at Php150, a price which has stayed the same since 10 years ago.  For those who want to get tickets and reserve before the capacity gets full, you can buy online via POF.TICKETMAX.PH. The event is also open to exhibitors, booths, sellers, artists, and merchants, so if you want to be part of the event register now.

Event partners for POF 2024 include Printing King, One Final Dream, Cosplay Up!, Team OKE Gakuen, Multiverse Wrestling Unlimited, Elegance Cosplays, and Astrotel (official POF 2024 residence).


Yume (夢、ゆめ) means dream in Japanese. As in English, the meaning of yume can be either literal (a dream you had last night, for example) or figurative (your dreams for the future). Red Cloud Interactive, the event's organizer, wants to associate YUME with POF 2024's advocacy theme, Mental Health Awareness.  They want to focus on this advocacy because cosplay, anime, and pop culture can benefit mental health, especially by providing a community that promotes love, camaraderie, and friendship.

The Largest Gathering of JCulture Idols

Among all the 8 editions of the Pinoy Otaku Festival, POF 2024 will be the biggest gathering of local JCulture idols.  It was a momentous gathering, as both weekends, May 4, and 5 will be full of idols performing during the AIDORU HOUR+.  The event added a plus sign because the number of idol performances cannot be contained in just an hour of performance.

Among the idols that will be performing are: 
  1. Yumeshou「ユメショウ」
  2. Radiant
  3. Ziamelle
  4. FESTA
  5. B Komachi
  6. Chie Kurosaki
  7. Mju:z Kiss
  8. Urodia
  9. fromajuu
  10. FEEDB5CK
  11. Pepper Keibu
  12. AIDreamin
  13. AS☆FIRE
  14. Irisé
  15. Hoshizora
  16. Cess

Cosplay and Karaoke Competitions

Like previous editions of POF this year, there will be a mix of competitions.  POF 2024 will see the finals for both Cosplay Idol Season 6, and the Search for AniOke Idol.

As for competitions that everyone can join, Karaoke Battle Royal, now in its 3rd year will be happening on Saturday, May 4; while Cosplay Championship League, or CCL will be on Sunday, May 5.  Interested participants can pre-register online.

Another equally exciting competition and happening on Friday, May 3 is the ConGoer Competition.  This is the only competition in the Philippines where cosplay is prohibited, and all you have to do is be a regular congoer and be ready to portray or act out your favorite character.

Otaku Choice Awards 2024

Pinoy Otaku Festival will not be complete if the official awarding of the annual Otaku Choice Awards will not be included.  The awarding of the Otaku Choice Awards 2024 will happen on Friday, May 3.  Expect cosplayers, influencers, and nominees for this year's award season to be present during that day.

There will also be additional performances during the awards night.  OCA awarding officially starts at 5:00PM. The theme for the awards night will also center around Mental Health Awareness and will be precluded with a Panel Discussion regarding Cosplaying and Mental Health plus a screening of the short film Coser si Oscar.

Other Activities for Pinoy Otaku Festival 2024

Tons of guests are also coming to the event.  Take a look at this initial list so far:

  • Lili Ash
  • AllYellow Joshua
  • Tito Mhez
  • ChojiTV
  • Migui
  • Sheartato

  • YU-EN Cosplay
  • OneTwentyBPM
  • StacyPhan
  • Cachi Oshiro
  • Yumeshou「ユメショウ」
  • Yuri Nanami
  • Mitsuru Shouta
  • Misuru みする
  • Kae Ong
  • Raven and EJ (2022 GICOF World Champions)
  • NicDroid
  • Oscar Santos

  • Dei'Ren
  • Hibana【火花】Wotagei
  • Zevycat
  • Anne
  • Yonacchi
  • Ayumi
  • NZN
  • Kyogrezero
  • IRA
  • Mavilon

Pinoy Otaku Festival has always been an exciting event, with lots of new things, and full packed program on and off the stage.  Among the other programs would be new iterations in the Anime Game Challenge.  This year, the organizers are planning to have Otaku Singing Bee, Otaku Guess The Price (from the Price is Right), Anime Feud, Ninha Hand Game, and many more.

Panel Discussion will also be a main segment for all days of the event, as there will be one topic for each day.  There are also guest cosplayers and personalities, as well as performers. POF is also open for performers' applications, just register here.

Here is the TENTATIVE PROGRAM of POF 2024

MAY 3 (Day 1) - Friday
✔️Kebai Wars (Auction)
✔️Anime Game Challenge
✔️Red Cloud Got Talent
✔️ConGoer Competition
✔️Panel Discussion
✔️Film Showing: Coser si Oscar
✔️Otaku Choice Awards

MAY 4 (Day 2) - Saturday
✔️Kebai Wars (Auction)
✔️Anime Game Challenge
✔️Panel Discussion
✔️Aidoru Hour
✔️Karaoke Battle Royale
✔️Cosplay Idol Season 6 Finals
✔️Anime Rave DJ Party

MAY 5 (Day 3) - Sunday
✔️Kebai Wars (Auction)
✔️Anime Game Challenge
✔️Panel Discussion
✔️Aidoru Hour
✔️AniOke Idol Finals
✔️Cosplay Championship League (CCL)

For more information on the event, you can visit the official Facebook page or event page.

See you at POF 2024 - POF YUME!


David Shen D'Angelo

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