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Mackenyu and Manipopcon

In recent days there has been a lot of talk about the One Piece Live Action actor who plays Zoro, Mackenyu, and the event Manipopcon.  It originated from fans who said that they were very disappointed about the famous actors, Fan meet during the said event. In fact, to be honest I thought that he was just a cardboard on photos but it turns out it was a real person.

Mackenyu and Manipopcon
Photo from ManiPopCon Facebook

Mackenyu and Manipopcon

I stumbled on a post on Facebook detailing the whole experience.  This was publicly posted so I am also posting it here for context.

Fans paid Php6,000 for the meet and greet opportunity which most of them said was very brief and was devoid of any interaction.

To be honest, I seldom attend meet and greet opportunities because I believe I have better places were my money would go and I do not have enough extra money to spend on this plus, I am a fan of the anime One Piece and not actually of the stars that portrays them in the One Piece Live Action.

Adding another reaction from Facebook.  The fan said that Mackenyu was very eager to interact with fans but he was also prevented from coming closer by the staff.

What can you say about this? Did you attend the Mackenyu meet and greet at Manipopcon? What was your experience?


David Shen D'Angelo

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