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Discover Yururi Island in Hokkaido, Japan

We are planning to visit Japan either this year on in 2024 and all of those would surely be featured on this website.  I am happy to discover another place which we might actually go and the serene and mysterious nature of this place is surely something that I would not miss.

The Phantom Desert Island in Hokkaido, Japan - Yururi

A phantom desert island in Hokkaido, Yururi island, has only been inhabited by horses. The English website documenting Yururi island by the photographer Atsushi Okada has now been released!! 

Discover Yururi Island in Hokkaido, Japan

Shrouded by fog, there lies a phantom, a remote island in the ocean inhabited only by horses...

Discover Yuriri Island in Hokaido, Japan

The island, which might seem as though it has emerged from a fairy tale, actually exists in modern-day Japan. The name of this island is Yururi. This tiny desert island is situated off the coast of Nemuro in Hokkaido, which is the easternmost point of mainland Japan.

Discover Yururi Island in Hokkaido, Japan

Japan is well known to be a far east country - Yururi island is even further on, the furthest east end of mainland Japan. The island is a breeding ground for northern seabirds so people have been strictly restricted from getting on the island.

On top of the fact that the island is so remote, the restrictions to getting into the island also kept media forces away. So, the island’s real image has been a mystery for a long time. The horses on Yururi island originate from western countries, including the Percheron horse from France. Not many people know about this very interesting fact.

Yururi Island Photography by Atsushi Okada

Discover Yururi Island in Hokkaido, Japan

Photographer Atsushi Okada is a winner of the Kimura Ihei Award for Photography, which is one of the most prestigious awards for photography. He got special permission from Nemuro city, which Yururi island belongs to, and has been taking photos of Yururi island for more than 10 years. Photographing the scenery of Yururi island is a lifework for him.

He set up the website for Yururi island in December 2021. He has now released the photographs he has been taking of the island. In addition to the photographs, he has put interesting information about the island on this website. As a result, the website has gained great interest from people all over Japan.

Discover Yururi Island in Hokkaido, Japan

The website is going to be turned into a book that will be published in 2023. There will also be an exhibition at the public art museum which will be held in 2023 as well. 

The great reaction from people has led Mr. Okada and the association called, “Consider the Nemuro-Ochiishi Area and the Lost Island of Yururi,” to create an English website. This English version of the Yururi island website was released in cooperation with Nemuro city.

“A desert island where only horses live.” Yururi island has a very unique ecosystem from a global perspective. 

The nature and history of the region will not just be recorded as data but are going to spread to the world as artwork. This might be a new model case to show the great cooperation of one artist and a small self-governing body in a remote area. They are trying to pass on this art to future generations.

Yururi island, is a small desert island on the easternmost point of mainland Japan. We hope the miracle of this island and the amazing existence of the horses on the island will be recognized widely.

Yururi Island by Atsushi Okada

[ Yururi Island Website ]

Discover Yururi Island in Hokkaido, Japan

–The island is full of natural miracles and magic–

Association to Consider the Nemuro-Ochiishi Area and the Lost Island of Yururi
Planning and Production:Atsushi Okada
Cooperation by:Nemuro City

[ Instagram: Yururi Island ]


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