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Tears of Themis is Back with "Snowfallen Secrets" - A Limited Time Event for Before 2022 Ends

HoYoverse announced today that on December 12, the romance detective title Tears of Themis will launch an event called "Snowfallen Secrets." Winter has arrived in the northern hemisphere, and everything is covered in snow. The air is cold, but the mood is warm — romantic melodies flow through the air, the notes dancing and weaving to form a love song unique to a special someone. Investigation Tasks, as well as other interesting gameplay such as card games, will be available for a limited time during the event period. The event allows players to obtain Event-Limited SR cards, Tears of Themis, card enhancement materials, and more!

On the first day of the Winter Magic Festival, a post by a user known as "wither" caused quite a stir on the Internet. Later that night, the prophetic words of that post seemed to come true, as an accident befell the brilliant magician performing onstage. The performance had to be cut short, just as the post predicted. Is this just a coincidence? Is it a well-thought-out trap? Investigate with the other four NXX members and piece together the truth one step at a time by inspecting the sites, speaking with the people involved, and discussing the incidents online. The final mystery will be revealed at the end of it all. Participate in the event to earn the Event-Limited Badge "Surprise Performance," the Event-Limited Namecard "Celebration - Snowfallen," S-Chips, and other prizes.

Watch the trailer here:

Event Details

At the same time, the "House of the Draw" event will be available. Attorneys can use their "Reasoning" tokens to flip cards and obtain the Event-Limited Marius SR "Love Berries," Artem SR "Masquerade Passion," Tears of Themis, card enhancement materials, and more. Log in every day to receive a limited-edition Namecard "Celebration - Stars and Snow," Tears of Themis, Home Deco Vouchers, and other rewards!



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