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Join Cosplay Up! 2022 this June 18-19

Cosplay events are once again booming and the pop culture scene is once again alive.  If you are looking for an event that is surely one of a kind then please join COSPLAY UP1 2022.  It will be on held on June 18-19, 2022 at Penthouse at 28th, 5th floor 28 Quezon Ave, Quezon City, 1113 Metro Manila. [If you are looking for Cosplay Up! 2023 click this link]

Cosplay Up! 2022

Cosplay Up! 2022 will be a cosplay culture-centered event. Implementing different related activities, such as studio photoshoots, stage performances, games, cosplay merchandise signing, and meet and greets. There will also be international and local guests to the event.

OtakuPlay PH is one of the official media partners for COSPLAY UP! 2022.


The event will have the following international and local cosplayer guests:

  • BAOBAO, Hong Kong cosplayer, content creator, and streamer based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • SALLY - DORASNOW, cosplayer from Malaysia.
  • LIA BEAR, gravure model and cosplayer from the Philippines.
  • ZACKT, is a content creator, artist, dancer, and most recently a game streamer.
  • ROXANNE KHO, is a Manila-based cosplayer, MSI Gaming Ambassador, makeup artist, streamer, beauty enthusiast, and KPOP fan.
  • DIANE SABANDEJA, cosplayer, streamer and is doing rolecosplay.
  • JANE YU, a cosplayer and figure collector from the Philippines.
  • KATIECAKEY, known for cosplaying sexy characters and also does gravure modelling. 
For the complete schedule, please visit https://ofdmain.wixsite.com/cosplay-up/featured-guest


Cosplay Up! 2022's regular ticket is Php300/ticket if you will purchase it on site.  If you want to get a discount then pre-order it now at only Php250/ticket.

Meanwhile, for those who want an ALL ACCESS PASS which includes Entrance Access for 2 days, 2-afternoon tea sessions, 2 international cosplayer photoshoot sessions, and 3 local cosplayer photoshoot sessions, the amount is Php10,000 per ticket.

​Pre-order your tickets now

  • Entrance Ticket Reservation Link: https://forms.gle/xBQjZPQMFAhSAbRU8
  • Afternoon Tea, Photography and All Access Pass Reservation Link : https://forms.gle/Ch5rwRzhHJTVPi8o7
You can check out their TICKETING LINK for more detailed information.

Don't forget to check the EVENT GUIDELINES as well.


David Shen D'Angelo

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