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HoYoFest Tears of Themis in the Philippines - What to Expect

Hoyofest 2021 Philippines Tears of Themis Otakuplayph

Fans from miHoYo's Romance x Detective mobile game Tears of Themis are gathered for their turn on HoYoFest 2021! We here at OtakuplayPH were able to come on the 1st day of the event here in the Philippines and here are the things that we want to share with you. We definitely had fun, the food is good and it's a special day to spend with friends and your Tears of Themis husbando.

As our team observed the comment thread on Moon Rabbit Cafe's Facebook post, a lot definitely tried their best to reserve for their preferred dates (myself included, to which I booked for November 27 to meet my best friend and was able to reserve after 30+ tries). As we talked to one of the organizers today, there's still some schedule that is available and fans can still reserve for the available slot.

What you need to know

Before going to the event, be sure to read all the important FAQs provided by miHoYo's official website and from Moon Rabbit Cafe. Due to the Philippines' current status on wearing face shields, it is allowed not to wear them but be sure to still practice social distancing and proper usage of face masks during the event. Don't forget to bring your vaccine card and a valid ID. Only fully vaccinated people are allowed inside the cafe, as per rules.

If you are commuting, jeepneys are still available but it's not as often as before (pre-pandemic). You can follow the guide provided by Moon Rabbit Cafe.

Hoyofest 2021 Philippines Tears of Themis Otakuplayph

Staffs are friendly and there are bouncers outside the cafe for crowd control. During our visit, everyone is cool, taking pictures with the character standees and backdrop located outside the cafe. There's a booth inside where you can pay for your reservation and another area for availing of the official merchandise.

Hoyofest 2021 Philippines Tears of Themis Otakuplayph

Speaking of merchandise, due to the limited availability, Tears of Themis merch is only available on November 19 - 21 only. It'll be a first-come, first-serve basis. Basically, if you want to avail yourself of some merch and you have a reservation within those dates at around 11am, you may hit the jackpot. During our visit, everything is sold out before 1pm (we went to the venue at 12pm). You can also pre-order so be sure to ask the staff in case you want to avail them and you are willing to wait.

Our personal experience

Hoyofest 2021 Philippines Tears of Themis Otakuplayph

It's amazing to see that there are character visuals around the cafe in different sizes. Lucky that our seat has Artem and Marius big poster because it adds to the whole experience. You can enjoy Vyn, Marius, Artem, and Luke's visuals in both chibi and whole body (standees).

Hoyofest 2021 Philippines Tears of Themis Otakuplayph

Food-wise, it's good! Be sure to inform the barista if you need more sugar on your drinks. I ordered Artem's food set while our Editor-in-chief ordered Luke's food set (because ehem, Kaji Yuki!) We both like the Orange Spareribs definitely!

Hoyofest 2021 Philippines Tears of Themis Otakuplayph

We spotted fans in Cosplay too! Also, the cafe is cozy, spacious, and can accommodate people inside, following the social distancing.

As you guys observed, compared to the themed cafes we know where the food is catered to the characters, here on Moon Rabbit Cafe, it's catered to what's available BUT it's still good. There are freebies such as a sticker, postcard, and a coaster (coaster design is for what character you'll choose).

Hoyofest 2021 Philippines Tears of Themis Otakuplayph

We were able to talk to one of the organizers today. They mentioned that since the theme for the following days is for Tears of Themis, they expect more female fans and so they added more visuals around compared to the Honkai Impact event. They are happy to see that fans are having fun taking photos. We also asked them if they are ready for Genshin Impact and they said "yes."

I'll be updating this post in case I need to add more after my second visit. Everyone, stay safe and don't ever forget to have fun!

Hoyofest 2021 Philippines Tears of Themis Otakuplayph

HoYoFest Tears of Themis will be from November 19 to November 30, 2021. The reservation is still open. Be sure to visit Moon Rabbit Cafe + Restaurant's official Facebook page for reservation inquiries.

Disclaimer: Thank you to miHoYo and Moon Rabbit Cafe for allowing us to cover the event. We had fun! <3



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