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miHoYo's HoYo FEST is coming to Philippines this November 2021!

announced that HoYo FEST is coming to Southeast Asia this November! It will be held in Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam. As the annual celebration is held for players, the many offline events will surely create opportunities for players to relive the memories, happy, and touching moments in the game together, as well as meet their favorite characters in real life!

Take a first look at the exciting events that follow the launch of HoYo FEST: All events will be held at the collaboration cafés themed after Honkai Impact 3rd, Tears of Themis, and Genshin Impact between November 5 and December 14. Specific cafés will come complete with pop-up stores selling exclusive merchandise.

All collaboration cafés will offer special set menus, and be furnished in the styles of Honkai Impact 3rd, Tears of Themis, and Genshin Impact in order, which is accompanied by photography zones. Fans will be able to enjoy exquisite foods and immerse themselves in the game world. Dine-in, takeout, and delivery options will be available. By ordering collaboration combos or spending a certain amount of money at a café, guests will receive a mystery gift box! The pop-up stores found only at specific cafés will sell a variety of exclusive Honkai Impact 3rd, Tears of Themis, and Genshin Impact merchandise!

For the health and safety of guests, we encourage ordering takeouts and deliveries: Only a takeout or delivery comes with a printed tote bag and a cup sleeve! All gifts and merchandise will be distributed by the staff of collaboration cafés.

Preparations for the celebration are underway. Captains, Travelers, and Attorneys brace yourselves for the upcoming surprises! For event details and pandemic precautions, please visit our official website: https://mhy.link/686SLBA6

Honkai Impact 3rd: November 5 ~ November 16
Tears of Themis: November 19 ~ November 30
Genshin Impact: December 3 ~ December 14

Collaboration Cafés:
Singapore: Aniplus Cafe
Malaysia: my Burger Lab
Thailand: NANA Coffee Roasters Ari
Indonesia: Warung Koffie Batavia
Vietnam: To Be Announced



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