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Ryu Matsuyama Released Lyric Video of ‘Under the Sea feat. Max Jenmana’

Japanese Piano three piece band, Ryu Matsuyama has just released the lyric video of their latest song called ‘Under the Sea feat. Max Jenmana’. The music video of this song has also been released.

This song was made a year after they created their last album ‘Borderland’. They managed to cross the international borders of musical creativity, and also succeeded to take away the walls between music genres like R&B, Neo-Soul, City Pop and Chill.

For this new song Ryu Matsuyama invited ‘Max Jenmana’, a popular singer songwriter from Thailand whose songs have been viewed over 530 million times on YouTube (total number of views), as a guest vocalist.

Ryu Matsuyama was planning to join Max Jenmana’s tour in Japan last October but the tour was cancelled because of Covid. So instead, they have decided to work together to collaborate to make a song.

Ryu and Max commented on how their collaboration went. 

Ryu (Vokal, Piano) 

When we made our last album, ‘Borderland’, we felt our landscape had reached the place nobody ever saw, the borderland.

So this time we hoped to create somewhere even further, beyond that border, in order to make this happen I asked Max, who has been very active in Thailand, to join and help us.

During the process Max always managed to keep his energy high so we really had so much fun working with him. And we would be very happy if we could work together again in many ways in the future.

And also we had added “guitar sound” by Shingo Sekiguchi who did the arrangement of this song. So I believe people who listen to this song might notice this new aspect of Ryu Matsuyama. Please do enjoy the song and look forward to more from Ryu Matsuyama from now on!

Max Jenmana

This Collaboration work was a totally amazing experience. When I was working with Ryu, he was a great partner who was always very friendly, and he is just an incredibly talented musician.

‘Under the Sea’ has a very funky style. I have never sung a song like this before, but I just loved it instantly when I heard the demo of the song for the first time.

The process of making the song with Ryu was very creative and fun! Ryu was actually putting very deep thought into this song, which was far beyond my imagination, so I tried very hard to understand it.

And also I brought my own message in the part where I sing with my own words. I appreciated that Ryu accepted happily the lyrics I wrote. And I strongly hope that I can play this song in front of Japanese people in the near future.

Ryu Matsuayama joined Music festival, ART SOUND, in Bangkok Thailand two years in a row. Because of the high musicality which Ryu Matsuyama has, they are gaining their popularity not only in Japan but also among other Asian countries widely.

【Release information】
Ryu Matsuyama 1st Digital Single “Under the Sea feat. Max Jenmana”
Release on Friday the 23rd of April 

URL : https://vap.lnk.to/Underthesea
Music Video : https://youtu.be/cIPsu9Hox0c

【Ryu Matsuyama Profile】
Piano three piece band beyond music genre and nationalities. Ryu (Piano, Vokal), who was born and raised in Italy, started the band ‘Ryu Matsuyama’ in 2012.

Adding to the original member Tsuru (Base), Jackson(Drum) joined the band in 2014 and formed the band they are now.


【Max Jenmana profile】
Singer songwriter. Born 1989 in Thailand. His song ‘Into the Woods’ recorded an incredible 250 million times views on YouTube. 

He joins many big music festivals every year. ‘Let there be light EP’ was highly appreciated in Thailand and he received many awards including ‘Best Male Artist in 2018’ and ‘Song Of The Year’.

His song was elected to the Top10 songs which were searched on google in Thailand in 2018.



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