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The Return of BLEACH

It has literally been years since the BLEACH anime and manga had ended and we have been left hanging around for it. Although BLEACH Fans know exactly how it ends, what about those who have no time to read the manga or prefer watching the anime instead? Well then good news. 

Official announcement poster of BLEACH The Thousand Year Blood War as part of the 20th Anniversary Project.

Announced back in March 2020 as part of the 20th BLEACH Anniversary Project, BLEACH is slated to return in 2021 adapting the final arc of the series known as "The Thousand-Year Blood War". Just to give you guys a gist of it, it centers on the thousand-year long feud between the Shinigamis of Soul Society and the long thought dead Quincy race. The arc itself is a culmination of the entire series as a whole and brings forth other characters across all the arcs of BLEACH from the Death Trilogy Overture Arc all the way to the Fullbring: The Lost Agent Arc so we will get to see not just Shinigamis and Quincies, but also Hollows, Arrancars, Humans, Fullbringers and the long mysterious Zero Division/Royal Guard. This arc also answers some of BLEACH's long asked questions like that of the existence of the Soul King, the origins of the Zanpakto, the history of Ichigo Kurosaki and more. Although it isn't clear as to what the actual date of the release is, anime fans can now get back to the world of souls one last time as what may be the bloodiest and most dranatic arc of the series finally comes to life. 

Orginally a manga published in August 7, 2001, BLEACH is the creation of manga artist Tite Kubo and was serialized under Weekly Shounen JUMP all the way until August 22, 2016. Although the series has ended, Kubo himself says that if it weren't for his declining health, he would've ended the series the way he wanted it to end. Sadly, Kubo's torn muscles and ligaments on his right arm were taking a toll on him and had no choice otherwise.

As a BLEACH Fan myself, I am 100% hyped to finally see the final arc adapted into a well deserved anime years on the waiting list. 

What about you guys? Are you excited for the return of BLEACH?



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