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Tears of Themis - Up Close and What to Expect

Tears of Themis - Up Close and What to Expect Otakuplayph

Closed Beta Test (CBT) of Tears of Themis by miHoYo recently ended and as someone who loves to play such a mobile game, I want to play more! I got a chance to be one of the CBT players and I would like to share some of the things that I personally love about Tears of Themis. Please don't worry as there are no spoilers for this post. Let's do a short recap about what you guys can expect and also miss about Tears of Themis.

Tears of Themis is a mobile romance-detective Otome game by miHoYo. Originally, this game was released in China and the recent CBT is the translated game. Fans all over the world got delighted about hearing the upcoming English release (I am one of them) and once the CBT app is now available to play, I immediately jumped into playing the game.


Tears of Themis is not just your casual Otome game. Aside from the romance part, the whole game revolves around you, the main character (MC) who works as a new attorney - investigating different cases, meeting different individuals, and working with the love interests in the game.

The game mechanics are quite tricky at first. There are different things that you need to remember and things that you need to have your full attention to. As the story goes by, you'll get to encounter different scenarios that you need to analyze, get clues of different cases and solve the mysteries behind them.

Tears of Themis - Up Close and What to Expect Otakuplayph

The MC or you, aside from being a new lawyer, you get your detective skills tested for this game. You can interrogate people (challenges using cards in different rarity), inspect the area and gather evidence with a 3D effect, and cross-examine the clues to undercover the truth.

At the almost end of each case, there would be a trial court where you can state all the evidence that you have to gather and use it against the suspect at large.


There is four love interest for this game that you'll meet as you play. Without any spoilers, here are the characters available for the game:

Tears of Themis - Up Close and What to Expect Otakuplayph

Luke Pierce - He's a private detective and was introduced 2nd on the main story. He's 24 years old and voiced by Kaji Yuki for the Japanese dub.

Artem Wing - Your senior and boss for the Themis Law Firm. He's known for being the top attorney. He's the 1st love interest that was introduced on the game's main story and *ahem* he's my most favorite among the rest *ahem* He's 29 years old and voiced by one of the veterans Seiyuu, Suwabe Junichi for the Japanese dub.

Marius von Hagen - The heir of Pax Group, Marius was voiced by Ishikawa Kaito for the Japanese dub. *I got his SSR and SR cards and how I wish I got more Artem though but still, Marius is good!*

Vyn Ritcher - Vyn works as a psychiatrist and you get to meet him as well on the main story. He was voiced by Fukuyama Jun. Personally, I love his character aesthetics next to Artem.

Tears of Themis - Up Close and What to Expect Otakuplayph

As mentioned above, you'll get to meet the love interest in the main story. And as you play, you can unlock different features that can help you get to know each of the guys individually. You can visit them, talk to them, play a mini-game, send text messages and video calls, and a lot more.


I am blown away by how amazing the graphics for this game. Like how the love interest mouths were moving, when special images were shown, gathering clues, and visiting different places. The whole game is immersive. Let's add the background music and sound effects.

Tears of Themis - Up Close and What to Expect Otakuplayph


I wanna take this chance for the players to take note of the game in terms of its game size and phone specifications. You can play smoothly as long as you have a good phone memory. I am using a phone exclusive for mobile games only but been experiencing game crashes often (it's understandable since it is still on CBT). 

Tears of Themis is a game that you can play for free and can get quite addictive in the long run. I personally want to top up and pull cards to get Artem SSR. So just a small piece of advice is to always be aware and track your expenses in case that you'll spend some *winks*. Of course, there's nothing wrong with spending because it's a way to show our utmost support to the game developers and the whole team behind Tears of Themis. And let's be honest, the cards are really amazing and it is lovely seeing them on your collection *cries*

Aside from the things I mentioned above, I love how the game incorporates Japanese voice actors (Seiyuus) in them like what they did for Genshin Impact. I myself love to follow Seiyuus so if I see them in a game voicing a character, I definitely will dive into that game without any questions. 

Lastly, I am one of the players that fell in love with how amazing the graphics are. It really adds to the whole game experience and immerses yourself as you pursue a love interest and solve different cases too.

We now wait for the official game release! We here at Otakuplay PH are looking forward to it. A big, big thanks to miHoYo for letting us experience the CBT and post about Tears of Themis.

What are the things you love about Tears of Themis? Feel free to comment down your thoughts!


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