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Let us get to know more about CATHERINE RESURRECCION aka MIKZ YANAGI. He started cosplaying because he wants to have friends and entertain people. She started cosplaying in 2007.  It was a story where she said she cannot even afford to buy a costume nor a wig.  She stopped cosplaying in 2009 and just came back last March 2019. She became a mother in 2009 so she dedicated most of her time to raising her child and being a single working mom.

Introducing Mikz Yanagi

Real Name: Catherine Resurreccion

When did you start cosplaying?


Why do you cosplay?

Since I was Just 7 Years old, I love Watching Anime. I always dream about the characters and Wished that I could be one of them. I was just a kid and actually cosplaying is not that known way back 1998-2000. I always imagine what would I look like with those costumes, maybe I could be the same with them.  and afterward, I cosplayed back on 2007, a version of Miaka yuki of Fushigi Yuugi.i just styled my hair to be the same as hers since I can't afford to buy Wig, I got into character just as the same as miaka. And then I realized, Cosplaying is not just a hobby nor wearing beautiful costumes, but for me its more like art, a masterpiece and it boost my confidence more. Also, it was just that, I gave life to a character I love, and I'm always thinking of hope I gave justice to that Character. 

What inspired you to cosplay?

The love for Anime inspires me to Cosplay. Before I can't even afford to buy any cosplay stuffs, or anime merch. I even promised to myself that If i could save money or have money ... Im gonna make or buy a costume just the same on the Anime Movies.

I feel like getting into character while cosplaying is really an amazing feeling. You know, that feeling like you forget who you are, you forget the stress on your life, work problems and Stuffs.. I feel like being happy because i really love it and I always do.. I don't know how to express it hahaha

What characters have you cosplayed? 

Before.. Friendster is really popular.. I have Miaka yuki Only of Fushigi yuugi. wayback 2007.

and then 2019 I have

  1. Haruno Sakura of Naruto (1st Generation)
  2. Kikyo - Inuyasha
  3. Lucy Heartfilia - Fairytail
  4. You Watanabe - Love Live
  5. Saber - Fate Grand Order
  6. Guinevere- Mobile Legends Bang Bang
  7. Sona - League of Legends

many more to come

Mikz Yanagi and Her Plans in Cosplay

What is your best experience in cosplaying?

My best experience was meeting new faces and making friends with people sharing the same hobby as i do. Also, Cosplaying is like a new form of bonding between me and my kids.. since i always brought my kids to cons and cosplay activities. 

Any future plans or dream?

My dream is well, i could cosplay all characters i love and to continue cosplaying until my kids grow up haha. Also i want to go to japan. haha
heyyy.. Everyone sharing the same hobby as mine really love to go to japan. that's why im saving haha. hope i could also bring my family

Oh.. my kids are also into cosplaying. They already cosplayed Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru (Inuyasha), Natsu Dragneel and Gray Fullbuster (Fairytail), Harith and Alucard (Mobile Legends), Naruto and Sasuke (Naruto 1st Generation) 

What is your message to other cosplayers?

Be confident. Many of us, like for newbies, we tend to be disappointed when we see Cosplayers with beautiful costumes, very mice make up and so on. But actually they started from being also a newbie. Its just that I guess they have work now, or through experience they can now make their own costumes. I mean.. cosplaying requires hardwork and perseverance also.
The very important thing in cosplaying is that you enjoy what you do. You enjoy expressing yourself and giving life to the character that you love. 

Please follow and be updated about Mikz Yanagi through her Facebook page, Kazoku Kosspurei.



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