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FAKE LAND Special live at Sanrio Puroland is coming!

FAKE TYPE. is a pop music duo of DYES IWASAKI (track maker) and TOPHAMHAT-KYO (rapper). They call themselves “NISEMONO (meaning fake) Unit”.After 3 years of silence their come back album called, “FAKE LAND’ will be released on the 17th of February.

FAKE TYPE will be going on their first live tour after 4 years and a half. And great news has just been announced that the special live celebrating the release of this new album will be held at Sanrio Puroland in Tokyo.

And the music video of ‘FAKE LAND’ which is also the title song for the album will be released on February 16 at 20:00 Japan time! Please come and enjoy FAKE TYPE ‘s world which is creating an incredible theme park with a weird, dark and special fantasy. All ‘fake’ songs are fun, cool and make you feel good!

You can listen to all new songs from the album ‘FAKE LAND’ on this Special Live. They will have 2 live performances at Sanrio Puroland. You can pre-book for the tour from February 16 (before official sale started yet) with the serial number which you can find on the flier inside the album.
Buy the album and apply for winning the live lottery!

Information of special live tour 

Saturday the 8th of May
Tokyo:Sanrio Puroland, First stage OPEN/START 13:30/14:00
Saturday the 8th of May
Tokyo:Sanrio Puroland, Second stage OPEN/START 17:00/17:30
Advance sale/On the day sale ¥5,800/¥6,300 (Including Sanrio Puroland passport)
©'90,'21 SANRIO APPROVAL No.P1202151

▼Tour Information
" FAKE LAND Release Tour "
Advance sale/On the day sale, ¥4,500/¥5,000
-Date / Friday the 2nd of April Aichi : Club Quatro Nagoya
OPEN/START 18:15/19:00
-Date/ Sunday the 25th of April Osaka: Club Quatro Umeda
OPEN/START 17:15/18:00
-Date/ Tuesday the 27th of April Tokyo: Club Quatro Shibuya
OPEN/START 18:15/19:00

・Preorder started(lottery)
application period:Saturday the 13th of Faebruary 12:00~Wednesday 24th of Februrary 23:59
▼Special Live Information
Pre-order Ticket/ Ticket release day ¥5,800/¥6,300 (including Sanrio Puroland passport)
-Saturday the 8th of May Tokyo:Sanrio Puroland ,the first stage
OPEN/START 13:30/14:00
-Saturday the 8 the of May Tokyo:Sanrio Puroland, the second stage
OPEN/START 17:00/17:30
©'90,'21 SANRIO APPROVAL No.P1202151

URL for applying the advanced ticket by lottery
*you need to have the serial number which you can find on the flyer inside the album.
・ticket order(lottery)
application period:
Tueday the 16th of February 12:00~Monday the 15th of March 23:59

FAKE LAND Song and Music Videos

▼「FAKE LAND」Music Video

◆Release Information
Album「FAKE LAND」10 songs included
Release date: the 17th of February
Price:2500 yen (without tax)
Record label:Butcher Swing Records

◆FAKE TYPE. Official site
FAKE TYPE. HP: https://www.faketype.net
FAKE TYPE. Twitter: https://twitter.com/faketype/

Butcher Swing Records Twitter:https://twitter.com/ButcherSwing


FAKE TYPE is a unit consisted of TOPHAMHAT-KYO (rapper) and DYES IWASAKI (track maker).
The songs they make are based on dance music. Their music is both pop and crazy but also composed with a complex melodious line.

If they call themselves ‘fake’ and are a fake thing, then is what they create also fake? If they are a tiny bit genuine maybe that is more true than being completely honest. That is the philosophy FAKE TYPE is asking of the listener.

FAKE TYPE released self made CD at the end of 2013. They sold out all the CDs by selling at their event. So they had to repress more CDs! Their Debut album “FAKE BOX” sold more than 20,000 copies even though it was only sold at the book store chain, Village Vanguard. 

Their second song was made dedicated to a famous Jazz song. Once they covered and remixed the original song was reborn with a new life. It became a big hit! 2nd original album “FAKE BOOK” was released in 2015. Their last album before the break was released in September on 2016. This album sold more than 50,000 copies and is still gaining more streaming views.

After 3 years of break they are ready for their next action!


David Shen D'Angelo

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