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Dr. Stone Anime Analysis and Feedback


I have recently finished Season 1 of Dr. Stone anime and I would say that it has a very deep message.  If you think that this anime is just your usual good vs evil story then perhaps you should evaluate how you viewed it.

The Message Behind Dr. Stone Anime

What is the real message in Dr. Stone?  Who is the bad guy and the good guy?

The answer to this question depends on your perspective especially regarding the current issues the world is facing right now particularly in the environmental sector? Who is right and who is wrong? Is it Senku or is it Tsukasa?


Dr. Stone presents us with a very unique challenge in this anime series.  It does not offer the usual plot and will make you question how you view the world and science.  Senku seems to be the good guy of the series but when you evaluate the consequences of your action, you can also say that he is not thinking objectively.

Senku is all about science and all about reviving all the petrified people in the world regardless of who and what they are.  Meanwhile, Tsukasa wanted to revive just only the good people or those who will not create harm nor try to own the world for themselves.  Tsukasa wants a world which is owned by everyone.

Senku's Kingdom of Science

Senku tries to promote the "kingdom of science." He wants to bring back the world were it is before the incident happened.  In doing that he will create all the technology that pre-existed.  Is it good or bad?  The answer is, it is good at the moment since very few people are using it.

What if Senku revives everyone, let us just say due to the disaster only a billion people could be revived.  What would happen to the resources of the planet? Will there be war?  The answer is pretty obvious and I would say it will be pretty ugly.

Tsukasa Empire's Objective

The objective of the Tsukasa Empire is to maintain what exists after the incident.  This view of Tsukasa came from his own bad experiences.  People will try to own the earth and will profit from it.  They will use it to enslave people and to once again create a status quo of rich and poor.

Tsukasa wants to prevent a resurgence of what existed and tries to create a new one.  However, there is still a flaw to this strategy.  If he died, what would happen? Would his companions share the same idea? Would it remain the same through time?  I doubt that it would and based on what we saw in our history the objective will change as soon as there is a new leader.

 Lessons from Dr. Stone

The biggest takeaway and lesson so far in the anime Dr. Stone is that the earth is in peril because of humans.  It is not the fault of science nor of the environment.  Whether we pursue the kingdom of science or stay in the stone age something bad will happen.

What do you think of Dr. Stone? Do you agree with what I said?  Share your feedback in the comments section below.

Dr. Stone Season 2

Meanwhile, about Dr. Stone Season 2,  Weekly Shonen Jump confirmed that the Dr. STONE Season 2 anime is coming out on January 14, 2021, the winter 2021 anime season! The second season is officially known as Dr. STONE: Stone Wars.

Crunchyroll will be streaming the Dr. STONE English subs everywhere except Asia as the episodes air in Japan. FUNimation will be streaming the Dr. STONE Season 2 English dub.

Well, too bad for Asia right which includes the Philippines, which means we have to wait a little while longer or perhaps Animax or Netflix will be so kind to air it.


David Shen D'Angelo


  1. You'll see.. something good will happen and some betreyal


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