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Courtesy: Naruto Cosplayers PH #NarutoDay2020 Banner

Members of the Naruto Cosplayers Philippines joined together to spread positivity and celebrate the life of one of the most influential anime characters of our Generation. 

For 10 years, Naruto Cosplayers Philippines have shared memories during their run including a feature in a japanese tv show and major coverages from different news media outlets in the country. 

The passion-driven cosplaying group started to show their love for the Naruto Series by performing fun and entertaining skits for pinoy cosplay fans. Making trends by researching Manga Updates to incorporate in their every performance.

Captured from FB Live Naruto Cosplayers PH FB Page
From Left to Right : David D' Angelo (3rd Hokage, NCPH), PJ Arcellana (GreekSilverHero), Benjie Casi, J.D' Angelo, John Aloe Santos (7th Hokage, NCPH), Ranne

A popular cosplaying group known for their show-stopping con-performances where their creativity is built out of their group bondings and inuman sessions.

Naruto Cosplayer of the Philippines is also known for their Cosplay for a Cause or CausePlay events raising funds to help those in need and making other people happy with their cosplay.

Its 7th President (Nanadaime or 7th Hokage / Current) Mr. John Aloe Santos shared his sentiments on the situation of the group highlighting its group's focus to collaborate with the Philippine Red Cross for its future Cosplay for a Cause events. 


Captured from NCPH FB Page: Mariz Alacapa (DinMari Adventures), IK Divina (MixedGenreGirl), Jovit Ryan (Jovs TV), Jayson Tabuzo, Takeru Arino

Naruto series has been around for so long that most of the 90's kids who are now in their 20's can still remember the most epic moments of the series. 

Hosted by the known Jovit Ryan (JovsTV Youtube Channel) his discussion centered around Cosplayers and Fans of Naruto series who shared their most favorite moments in Naruto History from its funniest antics, Kakashi's Mask Moments, to summoning Gamabunta and its epic fight scenes. Naruto's story-telling left fans in awe for the lessons it taught after. Fans also remembered the love story of the main heroes and the budding romances of each. 

Mariz Alacapa, a cosplayer and Naruto Fan mentioned that Naruto inluenced her to do the things she love the most and follow her heart, where eventually she found her real-life "Naruto" and is now having their own "Boruto". 

Naruto's life was likened to the story of Mr. Arino who felt Naruto's life as he has experienced being discriminated and not being able to meet his own parents. Naruto's dedication despite all the shortcomings in his life inspired Arino to go on and push through with his life.

Animazing Show's Host IK Divina acknowledged Sakura Haruno's contribution to Team Seven and the series itself citing that she has always got the back of her team and how other characters recognized her strength being a medical ninja.

Naruto's story tells us that no matter where you stand in life hardwork and dedication will always take you where you want to be. 


Team Oke Gakuen teamed up with NCPH to perform the iconic music of Naruto Series in #NarutoDay2020 Music Show. Headed by  Francis Vincent S. Suñga or known as Tito Mhez

Watch the performances of:
Kusabi - The Raising Fighting Spirit
Tito Mhez - ROCKS
Amally and IK - Haruka Kanata
Jazz Rosin - Closer
Vocapanda - SIGN
Tensai - Ima Made Nando Mo
David Ybanez - Kono Koe Karashite
Sakura Joy - Blue Bird
Renzo Bespren - Hero's Come Back
Rena リン - Kanashimi no Yasashisai
Ann Sandig - Hotaru no Hikari
Ren Grade - Silhouette
Takeru Arino - Sore Dewa, Mata Ashita
Fred Itachi - Suao na Niji
Merodii and PatYam - Harmonia

TO WATCH THE LIVE SHOW IN FULL CLICK THIS LINK: https://www.facebook.com/NarutoCosplayersPH/videos/389405402068106/




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