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Call for Support to Khyze Thomas

Khyze Thomas is a very active, lovable, amazing cosplayer.  She is also one of those who lead "Cosplay for A Cause" within the cosplay community however, this time SHE NEEDS OUR HELP.

She is currently hospitalized and is suffering from a condition that would require her to undergo an operation.  We are not disclosing the full details of her condition to give her the privacy that she needs.

Kyze has 3 kids and saving her life is a must.  Please pray for her fast recovery and also LET US HELP HER THROUGH DONATIONS and CHARITY INVOLVEMENT.

Send Your Support and Donations for Khyze Thomas

Charity Auction for the Benefit of Khyze Thomas. There will be a Charity Auction for the benefit of Khyze Thomas on January 25, 2019 from 3PM to 6PM.  It will be at Comic Odyssey, Fullybooked BGC.

Direct Donations to Jerry Santos.  You can also send your direct donations to her husband, Jerry Santos through the following:

  • BPI Account Number 0159-2017-67 
  • BDO Account Number 28007501.


David Shen D'Angelo

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