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Ebisu Muscats Performed in the Philippines for the First Time!

Ebisu Muscats performed for the very first time in the Philippines at Coslandia.
Last November 1-3, 2019, Japanese idol girl group Ebisu Muscats performed in the Philippines for the very first time at Coslandia 2019 at SMX Aura Convention Center in Taguig. The group enjoyed the friendliness & hospitality of the Filipinos. They even learned a few Tagalog words along the way!

Ebisu Muscats is a Japanese idol girl group, mainly consisted of AV (Adult Video) actresses and gravure models. They were formed in the year 2008 in order to start their own TV variety show, Onegai! Muscat

Their first single, Banana Mango High School / 12 no 34 de Naite with Namida Yonshimai, debuted in 2010, reaching #8 on the Oricon charts.

Ebisu Muscats perform their 2019 single "Ebisu Animal Anthem" and Filipino fans can't get enough of it!
7 of the 29 members of Ebisu Muscats shared their experiences
on performing in the Philippines during the press conference.

The original group may have disbanded in the spring of 2013, but in 2015, Ebisu Muscats was revived with a new roster of members. They have released their first single on the same year under the Pony Canyon label.

The girl group has been in the industry for long, and are still standing despite the tough competition in the industry. Masami Ishikawa, the leader, shares that her responsibilities may be challenging, but since they are all in this together, she finds her big role fun & refreshing. 

Due to the large age gap among members, their first encounter may have been scary, especially for some younger members. They may have encountered some arguments along the way, but they manage to work on their strengths and weaknesses as a team and try to get along even more. 

The girls smiled for our camera during the cheki session. 
The girls even do some girl bonding after their rehearsals like eating out, shopping, even going to the hot tub together. Talk about #SquadGoals!

Spotted! Momonogi Kana does a cute pose for the fans, especially at our camera. #uwu
The group hopes for more growth as a team, music projects in the future, and to get all of the members to perform once again in the Philippines.


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