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Manga or Manhwa: a point of view of a reader

Every reader has a different point of view in regards to these two: manga and manhwa. Some are enjoying the colored graphics of manhwa and some are still amazed of the detailed graphics of manga. Well, let's define first of these two: 

Originally, manga is a Japanese style of comics created by mangaka (artists or people who drew graphics in the manga). It is printed and published containing many stories and different genres. While manhwa is a Korean term for these. 

Manga vs Manhwa

According to the article powered by Wikipedia: 

"The difference between manga and manhwa”s artistic style has been the topic of debate. Some artists claim there are no differences between the two styles, since both use a traditional Asian style of drawing that emphasizes black-and-white lines, white space, and other basic artistic styles and principles.
But, some South Korean publishers have adapted manga for the Korean market by editing the art to suit cultural and social tastes, at times adding clothing to nude or scantily clad characters or otherwise altering the illustrations. Manhwa is generally more conservative than manga and typically deals with more realistic situations, though there are a significant number of science-fiction and other nonrealistic manhwa in circulation. Furthermore, the depiction of characters, though similar, is somewhat stylistically different: Eyes and faces are drawn more softly and realistically in manhwa than in manga.
Other artists claim there is a significant difference between manga and manhwa in terms of the content of the stories, arguing that while manga is more interested in plot, manhwa focuses on characters. One of the most obvious differences between the two forms concerns the directions in which works are read; manga is read from right to left, while manhwa is read from left to right in keeping with the orientation of Korean text."

In any sense, these two formats have been part our childhood and even until now. And thanks to the technology, we can now freely access the manga and manhwa, unlike before that we have to spend most of our allowances just to buy the new release of the manga we love. 

How about you? What do you prefer? Manga or Manhwa ? :) 


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