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Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Episode 20

The latest Minosaur created by Kureon seems to have been a failure at first sight, however Wizeru, who understands the Minosaur's unique ability, leads the fight against the Ryusoulgers. The Ryusoulgers slowly start to disappear, one after the other, with only Towa being left behind, and forcing him into despair. Just then, Gaisoulg appears before Towa, and aims his blade towards him.

In the latest episode, we see the Ryusoulgers training in combat but Towa was scolded by Melt for always using his speed and not his head. Just then, the latest Minosaur finally appears and starts capturing the Ryusoulgers one by one. Yes, this episode focuses clearly on Towa's development as a hero and a member of the team who always stays inside his comfort zone.

Gaisoulg appears before a distraught Towa. 

Gaisoulg once again appears, his first appearance ever since Episode 13. He and Towa have a close encounter and gives him a tip on what to do in the situation, which Bamba will soon find out.

And here we have a preview of the next episode:

For the next episode, the Ryusoulgers discover Ui's mother has come back to life, and Master Pink as well. However, the Ryusoulgers also start to feel very uneasy and cautious, as they discover a revived Tankjoh standing before them. Meanwhile, there is a strange phenomenon going on where several plants and animals are suddenly disappearing, all while those individuals who should have died several years ago are now being resurrected from the dead.

As always, stay tuned for more updates and let's not forget to HENSHIN!

Article written by TokuPoch10

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