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Welcome back to Cosplayer Profiles this 2018.  We were not able to publish any new profiles since we had been focused on other articles.  For our comeback, we will feature YODENSHA YUME.

Introducing Yodensha Yume

Yodensha Yume is an Amateur Vlogger and YouTuber.  He is also a Furry and a friend which you can trust.  Get to know him more as a cosplayer.
  • Cosplay Alias: Yodensha Yume
  • Real-name: Ralph Angelo Marquez
  • When did you start cosplaying?  October 1, 2017.

What inspired you to cosplay?  
My love for anime and my experience in Japan.

What characters have you cosplayed?
Unohana Retsu of Bleach and Random character from My Hero Academia.

Watch one of his video blogs below.

The Cosplay Experience

What is your best experience in cosplaying?
I met new people and became friends with them.

Any future plans or a dream?
To be a successful cosplayer and popularize cosplaying in the Philippines.

What is your message to other cosplayers?

No matter who you are, whatever you do, always be yourself. Don't let others hinder your dreams to show the anime character that lies within you.

 We are also encouraging other cosplayers to submit and be part of Cosplayer Profiles.

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