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Top Five Strongest Characters of Will Of Fire

The Will of Fire is a perfect passed on from the seasons of The Sage of Six Paths. IIt’s belief is that love is the way to peace. This ideal is what several generations of Shinobi gave their lives to protect.

Although nearly everybody in Konoha lives by the Will of Fire, We picked my five top choices.

5. Tobirama Senju

Tobirama Senju was the Second Hokage of the Hidden Leaf. He was a firm believer to the Will of Fire, despite how he is portrayed in the anime. Tobirama was additionally the person who made a future for the children of Konoha by building up the Academy. When the time of his death came, he passed on the Will of Fire to the next generation, as was expected of him.

4. Hashirama Senju

Hashirama Senju was the First Hokage of the Leaf Village. He was additionally the pioneer of the Senju Clan. He based both his faction, and the town on the standards of the Will of Fire. Hashirama was a firm believer in peace. 

He even attempted to make peace all through the world by circulating the Tailed Beasts,sign of faith. Like Tobirama, Hashirama’s Will was also carried by the next generation that succeeded him. 

3. Naruto Uzumaki 

Naruto Uzumaki turned into the Seventh Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village. He turned into the inheritor of the Will of all the past Hokage, and is as of now driving the Future Generations. 

Naruto Uzumaki trusts that the whole Village is his family, and he trusts he would give even his life to secure them.  Naruto is also a reincarnate of Asura Ōtsutsuki, and hence believes that love is the way to peace.

2. Asura Ōtsutsuki 

Asura Ōtsutsuki was the younger son of the Sage of Six Paths. He was the person who had the Will of Fire first. His approach to accomplish peace was superior to Indra's, thus he was depended with every one of the forces of the Sage. 

Asura eventually triumphed over his brother, but their conflict was never settled; not until the time of Naruto and Sasuke.

1. Hiruzen Sarutobi 

Hiruzen Sarutobi was the Third Hokage of the Leaf.  He was also a student of Tobirama Senju. Hiruzen was entrusted with the Will of Fire at an extremely youthful age. Personally, We believe he was the greatest Hokage of all time, as he was in charged of the way the more youthful era in Konoha is at this moment. 

Hiruzen also understood the Will of Fire especially very well, as he served and ensured the town for about Half a Century. 

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