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‘Super Lovers’ Anime Adaptation and Release Date Announced

Japanese Shonen-Ai Manga series ‘Super Lovers’ will have its Anime adaptation this 2016. It will be another on-going Anime series to look forward for this year especially for the Shonen-Ai (Boy’s Love) Anime and Manga fans.

Super Lovers (スーパーラヴァーズ ) is an eight volume manga (so far) written by Miyuki Abe and published under Emerald magazine. The story focuses on the relationship that develops between Haru and his adoptive younger brother Ren after their mother tasks him with "civilizing" the anti-social Ren.

The anime adaptation of Super Lovers is set to premier on April 6, 2016. KADOKAWA’s YouTube channel recently uploaded the official trailer for the upcoming anime series. It will be written by Yoshiko Nakamura and will be directed by Shinji Ishihira with the animation under Studio Deen.

Here’s the official trailer for the upcoming anime series, Super Lovers:

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