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FEATURED FILM: Shin Ohkubo Monogatari

Shin Ohkubo Monogatari which means Shin Ohkubo Story is the debut film of MYNAME in Japan.  The film is produced by United Entertainment Inc. and premiered November 16, 2013.  The story focuses on the tribulations a singing group undergoes before becoming real stars.

In this film, MYNAME uses their real name.  The story is set in the Korean town of Shin Ohkubo in Japan which had been the sight of some racial discrimination recently.  Just last April anti-Korean protesters carried derogatory remarks such as “Go back to Korea!” and labeling Koreans in Japan “cockroaches.”  Despite of this, there are more Japanese that do not mind about Koreans living among them and in fact supported them.

Here is a brief synopsis of Shin Ohkubo Monogatari from Asian Wiki:
Set in the Korean Town area of Shin-Okubo, Tokyo. ChaeJin wants to work in the entertainment field, but he currently works as a tour guide. InSoo also works as a as guide, but isn't content with his job either. InSoo doesn't know exactly what he wants to do. Meanwhile, Gunwoo and JunQ are members of an upstart Korean band named "NOBODYS," but their group fails to make their debut in South Korea. To find a way out, they travel to Japan. SeYong is a talented performer and member of "NOBODYS". He also travels to Japan to get his back treated. 
Utako works for an entertainment company. She knows of Gunwoo and JunQ through a friend and hopes to have them debut as a K-Pop group from Shin-Okubo. She proposes her idea to her company president, but the president doesn't seem very fond of her proposal. By chance, Kotoko meets InSoo, ChaeJin, Gunwoo, JunQ and SeYong. She sees that the boys have some potential and agrees to allow them make their debut in Japan if they join together as a group. Problems though arise as InSoo's yakuza father forbids him from doing so and SeYong is told to focus on receiving treatment for his backache. Yet, Utako is busy making plans for the group's debut. She names the group "MYNAME".

I will definitely be watching this one since it is something worth knowing.  Though the film is more about the trials a singing group faces, the lessons here can be well applied to most of life's situation.  So I hope you do watch Shin Ohkubo Monogatari as well.

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