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Hunter X Hunter: The Last Mission (Movie Review)

After the grueling battle with fake Geneiryodan members and saving his eye Gon is once again faced with a new battle and this time all of them are in danger including Leorio, Kurapika and Killua.  Hunter X Hunter: The Last Mission, is a movie which brings out a twist to the story we all knew through the years and I was lucky to be invited to the advance screening together with my fellow blogger Ranne, Ferrari Lacson, Bolen Lareza and family and of course the cool Hunter X Hunter Cosplay Group.

We were offered by SM Cinema 26 invites to the advance screening and we gave 11 to the cosplayers, 3 to a blog giveaway and the rest goes to our friends.  However, some were not able to make it so we just gave the invites to couples who we see looking at the cinema during the event.
Cosplayers were also invited at the premiere and mind you the Marketing from SM Cinema, Ms. Grace was accidentally dressed up closely similar to Shizuku of the Geneuryodan.
Here are the cosplayers mimicking the poster:

So how is the movie?  Is it worth your time to watch Hunter X Hunter: The Last Mission at SM Cinema?

My honest opinion is YES IT IS WORTH YOUR TIME AND MONEY.  I know some of you would say that you will just watch it on YouTube or download a torrent but there would still be nothing compared to watching it on the big screen.

Plot of Hunter X Hunter: The Last Mission.
The strongest Hunters that once existed in the Hunter Association were split into "light" and "dark", and each walked down their respective paths. The "dark" side begins moving in order to massacre all Hunters! After a brutal attack from the "dark" side Hunters, Killua is injured and Kurapika is almost dead. What is the real goal behind the attack on all the Hunters? Now that the crimes of Netero & the Association are announced publicly. Will Gon take the dark side's path to find the necessary strength to save his friends? What actions will Gon take when the many crimes of Netero and the Hunter Association are unveiled...!? 
Let us look at this movie on a Hunter X Hunter perspective:
  • This movie is for all even those who have not watched any episode of Hunter X Hunter since it does not cling to the storyline.
  • It focuses on a new type of energy called "On" which is a welcome addition and we never knew if the author would finally decide to use it in future story lines.
  • Leorio is as usual funny and stupid.
  • It brings back the four main characters and their friendship is rekindled.
  • It gves a bit of a background for Chairman Netero before he was elected as chairman.
  • Some of the battle scenes seems reserved and was not maximized.  You will find this in Biscuit's character.
  • Hisoka is in the movie but he is more on a cameo role, which is a bit disappointing.
  • The concept of On is not yet fully developed.
  • I have some problems with the animation whether it is based on the old anime or on Hunter X Hunter 2011.
Overall this is a good movie with the same excitement, fun and enjoyment you have in the anime.  For those who have never watched any episode do not worry because you will fit right in.  Hunter X Hunter: The Last Mission is showing on selected areas starting April 19.  Do not miss this one of a kind anime movie.

For the teaser trailer and more preview you can view this Hunter X Hunter: The Last Mission preview article.

Here are some shots from the advance screening of the movie last April 14, 2014.

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That's me :)

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