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Anime Review: Junjou Romantika: Pure Romance!

Yaoi fans will never miss this romantic-comedy anime 'Junjou Romantika: Pure Romance!' It's been one of the most popular Yaoi manga which also had an anime adaptation last April 2008. This review will be focus on the anime adaptation. So enjoy!

Junjou Romantika: Pure Romance focuses on three storylines. Fans loves how the story got its twist-and-turns and how the boys got crazy about love. It mostly focuses on how a specific person sees love, how he feels and how he will adapt to the changes and complications. The storylines are:

Junjou Romantika: The main couple of the series, Usumi Akihiko* and Takahashi Misaki**. Misaki is preparing for his college entrance exam and he was struggling about it. His brother, Takahashi Takahiro decided to have Misaki a private tutor and ended up being tutored by Akihiko (Misaki called him as 'Usagi-san'). Akihiko and Takahiro are best of friends since high school but Akihiko is been in love with Misaki's brother. On Takahiro's birthday, he announced that he will marry his girlfriend and he wants Akihiko to be the first one to know about it. Since Misaki knew about Akihiko's feelings for his big brother, he held Akihiko's hand and went outside the house. He cried in front of Akihiko telling him how cruel it is to have a one-sided love. Since then, Akihiro became fond of Misaki and the love story started. Can Misaki adapt to Akihiko's lifestyle as a popular young novelist? Can he also adapt to Akihiko's rich family and pleased Akihiko's father?

Junjou Egoist: One of the side story of this anime revolves about the love story of Kamijo Hiroki** and Kusama Nowaki*. Hiroki is an Associate Professor at the college where Misaki studies at. He is also Akihiko's childhood friend and he's in love with Akihiko. But since he knew about Akihiko's love for Misaki's brother, he took advantage of it by asking Akihiko to wear a blindfold and pretend Hiroki as Takahiro. He thought his feelings would change if Akihiko will be intimate with him. But he realized it will never happened because of how deeply Akihiko is inlove with Takahiro. One day while Hiroki is crying he met Nowaki, four years younger than Hiroki and currently in training to be a pediatrician. Nowaki insisted Hiroki to be his tutor. Since Nowaki wants to catch-up for Hiroki's (which he called him 'Hiro-san') career achievements, he decided to study abroad. Nowaki is a kind-loving person who is passionately in love with Hiro-san. Hiro-san is still oblivious about their relationship but he fell in love with Nowaki.

Junjou Terrorist:
Side story of this anime revolves about the story of Miyagi Yo* and Takatsuki Shinobu**. Miyagi is a Literature Professor and Hiro-san's co-worker, while Shinobu is the son of the university's Dean of Literature. Miyagi was once married but decided to divorced because of indifference of feelings. Shinobu is Miyagi's ex-brother in law and he is in love with Miyagi. So one day, Shinobu ask Miyagi to take the responsibility of him being in love with Miyagi. 

I really like the animation. The colors are really lively. The faces and features are stable. And also the opening theme with the upbeat tune - 'Kimi-hana' by Pigstar.

I started watching this anime while I was browsing for anime with some sort of comedy-love story in it. I actually not fond of Yaoi genre but for some reasons I did like how the story flows and goes. As a romanticist, the flow of the story is quite familiar already but as long as you watched it, you will got hooked on how the story twist and how the story deepens.

All in all, this is a must-watch anime. Even its Yaoi, for sure you will enjoy. It became one of the top-rating animes. Its recommended for teens-above because (of course) it has some intimate scene. So if you're looking for a romance-comedy anime, Junjou Romantika is the one that you may like!

For some reference:
 * - Seme - dominant/top (They are the 'Male' in a regular male-female relationship)
** - Uke - predominantly bottom and/or submissive (They are the 'Female' in a regular male-female relationship)

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