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COSPLAY EVENT: 6th Philippine Cosplay Convention

Braze yourselves for this years 6th PHILIPPINE COSPLAY CONVENTION at Robinsons Manila.  For the first time the event will cover 2 days and will feature Individual and Group Cosplay on March 2-3, 2013.  The event will also debut the Cosplay Ranking System (CRS) of Cosplay.ph.

The event is organized by Cosplay.ph, Hobbiworx and Robinson’s Place Manila.  The event is FREE ENTRANCE but you have to strictly follow the Robinsons Place Manila House Rules for the 6th Philippine Cosplay Convention.  This perhaps is made after the incident during the last event at the area.

The Individual Cosplay Competition will also use the cosplay tag presentation wherein instead of catwalk or performances a "cosplay tag" will be used.  A cosplay tag is wherein the cosplayer interact with the cosplayer before hum and after him during the presentation.

Please do take note of the following:

Instead of a normal catwalk, each individual will interact shortly with the person in front of him/her and the person behind him/her. It can be as simple as a wave, handshake, etc. or as complicated as a short fight scene. We encourage you to talk to the person who will proceed and follow you to plan out your moves. A good transition will score you extra points with the judges.

As this is a Individual Cosplay, human props or any on-stage assistance is not allowed. Personal Assistants are allowed but they must stay off-stage at all times. They can, however, assist the cosplayer with props beforehand or even assist them in getting onstage. Very young children are allowed the assistance of their parents onstage if needed, however.
For more information on the  6th Philippine Cosplay Convention just click here.

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