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ANIMAX CARNIVAL: Who will be the next Animax Ani-mate?

The main question they say is, "Who will be the next Alodia?" but I would rather ask "Who will be the next Animax Ani-mate?"  I always believe that every people could bring a different spice and they should be seen as that and now we are all eyes on who will be the next ANIMAX ANI-MATE from the 7 finalists.  The finals will be held during the Animax Carnival on December 9, 2012 at Robinsons Manila.

The seven finalists who went for sure through a rigorous screening from the people of Animax are:
  1. Maro (Adventure time)
  2. Een Mercado
  3. Rhianna (Maid Sama)
  4. Katrina Langomez (Miku Hatsune )
  5. Ira Orduna (Kosmos)
  6. Mayumi Gomez (World of Warcraft)
  7. Rae (League of Legends) 
Who is your bet to be the next Ani-mate?  You better be at the ANimax Carnival on December 9 and cheer for them because their fate will be judge that day.

Just a preview of how the Animax Carnival is received in Malaysia.  This is awesome so let's go and be at the Carnival and support our very own Ani-mates.


For the latest updates CHECK OUT ANIMAX PHILIPPINES.  See you at the Animax Carnival everyone!

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