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Luka's Just Be Friends Sequel

Ever watched the touching vocaloid video "Just Be Friends" by Luka Megurine? The music video is about Luka's boyfriend breaking up with her. Although the song is sang by Luka, the lyric is from the man's point of view. 

Here are a few lines from the song (these are my favorite):
"I still love, I don't wanna be apart from you, but I have to tell you"
"Goodbye, my sweetheart. It's over. We have to leave without turning back. It's all over."

The song tells us about a dying relationship between the two long-time lovers and the pain the man feels as he breaks up with his girlfriend, Luka Megurine. It pains me to see a hurt and crying Luka in the video (Luka is my favorite female vocaloid. >_<).

Anyway, three years after the release of Just Be Friends (JBF), a song reply was created and released. This sequel is entitled Megurine Luka - Answer 

"Like the calm after the storm, my broken heart has been healed." - Luka Megurine

This song is all about Luka moving on from her past relationship. We see a smiling Luka throughout the video *YAY!* though the last part of the song is about this unnamed ex-boyfriend, with Luka telling that he will live inside her heart no matter what, and the fact that they will "always, always, just be friends." 

The song ends with a whistled JBF tune, and a photo of a happy Luka. 

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